Eco Sabbatico Body Wash 40ml (Case of 100)

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Case Pack

Eco Sabbatico body wash features cool and energizing formulation in squeeze tube bottles with twist cap.

Packaged in white tubes to reflect the cleanliness of hospitality with text color that reflect nature and adventure. The collection complements a wide range of rental styles and interior décor.


About Eco Sabbatico: Inspired by the concept of a sabbatical, guests are energized by the sights and sounds of their travel environment. Natural lights, scenes from nature, and the colors of adventure bring the Eco Sabbatico collection to life.

Tube Bottles: Height 110mm (4.3 in); Diameter 30mm (1.18 in); Capacity 40ml (1.35 fl oz)

Soap: 40g (1.4 oz)

Nurtured by Nature: Exposure to nature not only makes us feel better emotionally, it contributes to our physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Designed with guest wellness in mind, the Eco Sabbatico collection is inspired by the scents of nature, and its positive effects on the traveler.

Symbol of Strength: The juniper fragrance captures a traveler's inner strength and determination required to endure long trips away from home. The strength of the juniper tree is seen in its capacity to survive in harsh and bare climates, growing out of rocks and surviving in areas with very little water.

Protection and New Beginnings: Junipers are great gifts to beginner and expert gardeners alike. Because they are mostly considered a symbol of protection and new beginnings, they are excellent housewarming gifts for people who just moved to a new environment (or temporary guests).

Vacation rental properties that often have longer length of stay (up to 5
nights) than hotels (1.8 nights). The 40ml tubes and 40g soap are more suitable than the 30ml or 25ml single-use toiletries commonly available at hotels, giving guests adequate supply during their stay.

Vacation rentals, farm stays, campgrounds, cabins, cottages, small inns, boutique hotels, and bed & breakfast.

Cool and energizing juniper