Flores Aurantii


The collection represents life and the gifts of mother nature. Beauty exists in more than just sight. Guests preserve a piece of mother nature with touch and smell from this collection.


Orange is the color of beautiful sunsets and a warm fireplace in the midst of a dreary winter. The color of warmth and comfort, orange is a color that combines the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. Fittingly, the fragrance of flores aurantii, the orange flower, always makes a statement. It symbolizes excitement, joy, positivity, passions, energy, and enthusiasm. Just like its attention-grabbing color, the scent of the orange blossom awakens our senses. Refreshing and floral, perfumers also appreciate its sweet and vegetal notes.


Louis XIV the Sun King was passionate about perfumes from a young age, but suffered from severe headaches. Only the sweet and soothing scent of orange blossom would have been bearable for him. It is known that he used to add it to his drinks.


How would you describe the beauty of mother nature to a blind child? Take her outside, smell the flowers, let the sunshine warm her, take long walks in the woods, listen to the birds, feel the wind running through her hair, taste the fruits. We chose the orange flower as the fragrance for Nature's Artistry to capture the gift of mother nature in a bottle, to be touched and smelled by guests as they travel their way in nature.

The Spa Experience

The larger size bottles in this collection are ideal for luxury rentals and properties with longer stays of 7 or more nights.