Your Vacation Rental’s Space Is An Advantage Over Hotels

Your Vacation Rental’s Space Is An Advantage Over Hotels

Maximizing Space at Your Vacation Rental

Maximizing space at your vacation rental can help you secure bookings from guests who may also be considering staying at a hotel. Especially when the weather’s warm, like it is now, showing how much space your vacation rental has can make it even more enticing.

Modern Innkeeper wants you to use this to your advantage. That way, the guests who find themselves deciding between your vacation rental and a hotel know where they’ll have the best time.


Publicize Privacy

Guests sometimes have to make sacrifices when they travel. One could be sharing a hotel room’s small bathroom with the rest of their family, or not being able to read in peace by the pool because another guest’s kids are doing cannonballs.


But at your vacation rental, your guests don’t have to sacrifice their bathroom or quiet reading time. That’s because your vacation rental is theirs and theirs only (at least for however long they book it for). By describing how private your vacation rental is, guests can better envision themselves enjoying the privacy your vacation rental offers.


Create Togetherness

Part of what makes your vacation rental an intriguing option is it gives your guests a spacious place where they can all gather round. This means making your vacation rental’s floor plan as open as possible. That’s not to say you need a remodel, but rather, a design that makes it easy for your guests to come together. To get some inspiration for how to do this, check out one of these interior design shows so you can see how the pros do it.


Sleep Anywhere

Your vacation rental doesn’t have to follow the same rules as traditional homes. Use this to your advantage by getting creative with your vacation rental’s sleeping arrangements. Examples are dedicating a bedroom to two sets of bunk beds (maybe the kids want to feel like they’re having a sleepover every night of vacation) or rearranging the living room so it can fit an extra bed.


This doesn’t have to mean your guests can bring everyone they’ve ever met and their mother, but offering extra places to sleep does make it a better option than a hotel for larger families. Here are some examples you can check out before you make your vacation rentals’ makeshift bedrooms.


The Great Outdoors

If your vacation rental has a yard, do everything you can to show it off!

Highlighting your vacation rental’s yard can attract guests because they’ll know if they stay there, they’ll have more outdoor space to themselves than they would at any nearby hotel. Plus, a nearby hotel can’t provide any of these like you can:

●     Japanese Zen Garden

●     Garden games

●     Fresh herbs

●     Portable pizza oven

Having a yard is a huge advantage. Don’t let it go to waste!


Maximizing Space

As a vacation rental host, you have a lot to offer a hotel can’t, so make sure you make the most of it! By maximizing space for gatherings and activities, you’ll enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience and make your guests realize why staying at your place is better than any hotel.