Your Vacation Rental Turned Wellness Center

Your Vacation Rental Turned Wellness Center

The Need for Wellness in Hospitality

Whether guests are working while they travel or completely unplugged, they are, at least in part, staying at your vacation rental to recharge their batteries.

Guests need this so when they return home, they can be their best selves, and you can help them accomplish this by offering them benefits for their wellness.

But how?

A primary component of wellness in hospitality has long been the spa. Hotels dedicate a significant amount of their resources to it, such as hiring employees who are certified acupuncturists or masseuses. But their efforts to improve guest wellness do not stop there.

During a past hotel stay, there is a high chance you came across something encouraging a good night’s sleep, a key component to overall wellness. Maybe there was a sleep mask available, or signage mentioning the room’s blackout curtains were there to allow you to catch up on rest.

While the extra amenities are great and have the power to make a significant impact, the everyday ones are also effective in improving guest wellness, including bathroom amenities.


How Bathroom Amenities Improve Wellness

Something as simple as bathroom amenities may not seem like a big difference maker, but, if there is anything Modern Innkeeper knows, it is bathroom amenities, and that includes knowing their influential role in all this.


Personal Hygiene

At the core of how quality bathroom amenities will improve your guests’ wellness is personal hygiene because it affects both their physical and mental wellness.

Here is how.


Physical Wellness

According to SolvHealth, some of what personal hygiene does is:

●     Reduce the likelihood of bacteria forming

●     Lower the risk of disease

●     Lessen the chances of parasites

So, good personal hygiene will keep guests physically healthy throughout their trip to enjoy all of the activities they can do, but it goes beyond this.


Mental Wellness

85 percent of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem, leaving only 15 percent who do not, according to Selfoy. One of the key differences of the latter is their good personal hygiene.

The minority group seemingly embraces the “you look good, you feel good” mentality, which all starts in the bathroom. Make sure your guests have the following so they can feel like their best selves during their trip:

●     Bar soap

●     Shampoo

●     Conditioner

●     Lotion

●     Toothbrush and toothpaste

●     Cotton swabs

Stocking your bathroom with the essentials goes a lot further than maybe your guests even realize, but their appreciation will be evident in their glowing reviews.


Other Ways to Incorporate Wellness

While bathroom amenities are important towards your guests’ wellness, there is more you can do to enhance it.



Trends like having a plant-based diet and Zoom staging (arranging your plants to make your background on Zoom more pleasant) are gaining popularity, but one of the biggest benefits of plants remains just having them around.

Doing so cleanses the air, effectively improving guests’ wellness just by spending time at your vacation rental.

Click here to get an idea of which plants are best for your property.


Japanese Zen Garden

A Japanese Zen garden, essentially, doubles as a place where your guests can go to take care of their mental health, a key part of wellness more and more people are paying attention to.

Zen gardens can:

●     Relieve stress

●     Increase concentration

●     Enhance focus

●     And much more

Having an elaborate Zen garden on your property would of course be nice; however, it is not necessary to experience all the benefits. See what you can implement by reading this blog detailing popular Zen garden accessories.


Quality Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep was previously mentioned, but it is so important, another one is necessary. Blackout curtains are an obvious way to promote quality sleep, but if you want your vacation rental to stand out (which you do, right?), look at these tips and figure out which ones you can make happen.


Buy a Hammock

Pairing a hammock with your Zen garden all but guarantees your guests will experience an optimal level of wellness when they stay at your vacation rental.

Swaying in one, overlooking a Zen garden or not, will improve your guests’ state of mind by delivering these wellness benefits.


The Invisible World

The invisible world is a fancy way of referring to things like one’s energy and breath, per This deepens the connection people have with themselves, encouraging them to reach peak wellness. Examples of this are:

●     Breath work

●     Meditation

●     Yoga

●     Barefoot grounding walks

If you are thinking, “How am I supposed to help with any of those?” do not worry because you do not, at least directly, have to. Like recommending a local tour guide, you can recommend people who are experts in these fields.

Do your research on them in your rental’s area, and point your guests in the right direction.

Then sit back and let them enjoy.


Well Done, Host

Like most everything else you do, adding wellness elements to your vacation rental will have a noticeable impact on the guest experience. These amenities and services will provide guests the wellness benefits they were craving when they booked their stay.

And to think it all starts with something as simple as quality bathroom amenities.