Which States Are Most Popular For Vacation Rentals?

Which States Are Most Popular For Vacation Rentals?

5 Best States For Vacation Homes

Activities exclusive to an area, breathtaking sights and other aspects that pique the interest of travelers all play roles in making certain states more desirable than others. 

Modern Innkeeper recently highlighted what to look for in an investment property, and now we want you to know where in the United States you can expect your vacation rental to get the most use!

Learn about the five best states for vacation homes across the country, according to Travel Awaits.



Throughout the years, the Sunshine State has remained atop of countless lists revealing the most vacationed states in the US.


What Makes Florida Desirable?

The Florida Keys, tropical islands that run for approximately 120 miles along the southern tip of Florida, offer travelers a tropical vibe unlike anywhere else in the US! 

The lure of it is immediately evident on the drive getting to them from Miami. Watch this video to catch a glimpse.

Beautiful beaches all over the state make it a popular destination, too:

  • Key West

  • Sanibel Island

  • Clearwater Beach

  • Santa Rosa Beach

  • And more!

With most states in the country landlocked, beaches are attractive!

But Florida is far from one-dimensional. It also has:

Having “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is like having a cheat code.


How Much Does a Vacation Rental Cost?

The median prices of the vacation homes in Florida’s top-ranked cities range from approximately $250K to approximately $653K, according to Vacasa.



What is unique about the Golden State is that someone can go surfing and snowboarding on the same day. 

Now, do many people do this? Unlikely, but it is cool to know the option is available!


What Makes California Desirable?

Travelers can shred the gnar and catch a wave in 24 hours, but the fun does not end there. 

Some of the country’s most iconic cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, reside in California. 

San Francisco and its greater area are home to some of the most influential companies in the entire world, like Facebook and Twitter, and it has tourist attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Los Angeles is the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and has:

  • Two of the most valuable sports franchises in the country (Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers)

  • The Hollywood Sign

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • Griffith Observatory

Outside of its urban areas, Napa Valley, famous for producing some of the world’s finest wines, is in the northern part of California, and the Channel Islands and Catalina Island are off of its southern coast. There is also Yosemite National Park.

No matter what travelers want out of a vacation, California has it!

Oh yeah, and the weather is awesome!


How Much Does a Vacation Rental Cost?

As of March 2021, the median home price in California is nearly $759K, according to Norada Real Estate Investments.

Hey, we never said it was cheap!



The most world-renown attraction in the Grand Canyon State is, you guessed it, the Grand Canyon.

But there is much more to Arizona than this iconic landmark!


What Makes Arizona Desirable?

Aside from beautiful desert, Arizona provides travelers with experiences they will not find anywhere else:

  • Get a feel for the Wild West in Tombstone or at one of the state’s many dude ranches

  • The historic Warren Ballpark in Bisbee

  • Stunning golf courses

  • Sedona, a city upstate with gorgeous hiking and other outdoor scenery and activity

Arizona separates itself from the other 49 states with sights and activities travelers will not find anywhere else in the country!


How Much Does a Vacation Rental Cost?

Despite being right next door to California, the average home price is much more affordable in Arizona, coming in at approximately $329K, according to Zillow.



Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are what many people think of when they consider traveling to Colorado, as they should, but its appeal does not end there!


What Makes Colorado Desirable?

Colorado’s rural and urban areas provide activities for all types of travelers:

  • Gunnison National Park

  • Aspen, where skiing and snowboarding take the cake, but has year-round outdoor recreation

  • Cannabis tours

  • Craft beer scene

If travelers want to get in touch with the outdoors or catch a buzz, or maybe both, Colorado is the place to visit!


How Much Does a Vacation Rental Cost?

The median home cost in Colorado is $384K, according to Best Places.



Everything is bigger in Texas, including tourism, providing travelers a vast amount of reasons to visit The Lone Star State.


What Makes Texas Desirable?

As a host, you know food plays a significant role in why people choose certain destinations. Texas clearly understands that, as it boasts a top-notch barbecue scene that is more than likely second to none.

Aside from the mouth-watering slabs of meat from places like Franklin Barbecue in Austin, there are also wineries in Texas Hill Country. Of course this is where people can indulge in fine wines, but can also visit:

  • State parks

  • Scenic trails

  • Spring-fed rivers

  • An original art and culture scene

If travelers want to see what all the hype is about as it pertains to football, they can go watch the Texas Longhorns play in Austin or the Dallas Cowboys host a game in “Jerry World”.


How Much Does a Vacation Rental Cost?

The average home in Texas costs approximately $231K, according to Zillow.


The Finest the US Has to Offer

These five states are where Americans travel to the most, so if you are looking to maximize your return on a vacation rental, you know where to invest!