What Writing Guests a Letter Represents (Free Template)

What Writing Guests a Letter Represents (Free Template)

Hospitality Letter Sample and Importance

A letter for guests to read upon arrival can increase the chances of you earning more five-star reviews. It can be powerful enough to improve a guest’s first impression of your vacation rental and get their stay off to a great start!

Writing all your guests a letter may sound like a burden, but it’s one worth doing, especially when you have a hospitality letter sample to go off of.

Before getting to the free template, Modern Innkeeper wants to highlight a letter’s importance.

What a Letter Represents

A memorable first impression can go a long way. In this case, the first impression we’re discussing is a letter for guests. A letter can serve as an open-armed welcome for a host who isn’t there to greet guests.

It also proves you value providing the best possible guest experience and helping them feel at ease. Making information like check-in and check-out instructions available is the expectation, but taking the time to write guests a letter can make you a host who stands out from the rest.

What to Include in a Letter

Even writers suffer from writer’s block. In fact, they deal with it more than anyone else, so, don’t feel bad if thinking about what to write is challenging. Here are some essential aspects to include.

Make it Personal

No guests want a greeting resembling a business letter. They also won’t have trouble knowing if they’re reading a generic message versus one specifically for them. Write in your natural tone to show guests who you are and help them feel at home!

The Vital Information

Every letter should include personal touches. At the same time, including your contact information, rules, etc., is wise. Letting guests know you’re accessible lets them know you’re there to help if necessary. Reminding them of your vacation rental’s rules reinforces they must be followed. Listing phone numbers of places like the nearest hospital is a gesture guests may appreciate, too.

Highlight Key Details of Your Vacation Rental and Surrounding Area

Never assume guests remember everything from emails, messages or other forms of communication. Remind them of why they initially chose to stay at your vacation rental. An example: if there’s a fresh fruit tree in the backyard, remind them it’s safe to eat from (only if it is). Also let them know about the best spots in your vacation rental’s local area.


Now for your free hospitality letter sample. You’re welcome to use this when writing a letter, but keep in mind, certain aspects of it can change based on your guests!

Welcome “guest name(s),”

Thank you so much for choosing to stay at my vacation rental. I’m thrilled you’re here and can’t wait for you and your family to enjoy everything this property and area have to offer!

As you settle in, please note the following:

“Include details such as WiFi information, emergency contact information, etc.”

If after unpacking you realize you forgot some essentials, don’t worry! The following are provided:

List amenities stocked

Your stay should be a memorable experience everyone in your group cherishes forever. At the same time, please remember the following:

“List of your rules”

We discussed everything there is to do on the property and in the area, but to refresh yourself on it, feel free to refer to the welcome book on the “location of it.” It includes all the benefits, activities, and other information that will help you enjoy a great vacation!

Always remember, I can be reached at “phone number” or “email address” for any reason.

Use this time to embrace each other’s company, explore an unfamiliar, exciting area and make long-lasting memories.


“Your name”

And if you want to write a letter to inspire guest loyalty, use this free template.

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