What Guests Want: A Local Experience

What Guests Want: A Local Experience

Locally Owned and Operated

Privately owned vacation rentals have disrupted the hospitality industry. They permit travelers to visit places they may have never expected to, and provide privacy that is hard to achieve with traditional lodging. As more and more people explore the world this way, creating the ultimate guest experience remains a challenge. There are not employees constantly roaming the premises to point travelers in the right direction, so as a host, it is vital to suggest several activities they can do during their stay. Modern Innkeeper is here to show you what vacation rental guests want: a local experience.


How to Make Guests Feel at Home

Vacationing at a rental property instead of a more conventional option is a way for travelers to experience the local flare of the town or city they are visiting, but keep in mind, it is likely they have never been there before. So for all you hosts out there, empower them to immerse themselves in everything their short-term homes have to offer!


Provide Locations of Necessities

Feeling acquainted with the area is difficult when you do not know where to turn for the basics. Make the following accessible to guests: 

  • Hospitals/emergency rooms

  • Convenience stores

  • Grocery stores

  • Pharmacies 

Not knowing where to go for everyday items is an uncomfortable feeling, so do not let your guests confront this dilemma! This information can be left in places like the welcome letter and description on your rental’s page.


Promote Local Businesses

A great way to support the community is to promote local businesses. By doing so, you are simultaneously giving business owners in the area a boost and acquainting guests with the locality. Some ideas of what to mention are: 

  • Coffee shops

  • Food trucks

  • Bookstores

  • Pizzerias

  • Bakeries 

Do not keep it a secret you are advocating for the local economy. Introduce yourself to these business owners and find out if a partnership interests them. Perhaps the owner of the town’s best pizzeria is willing to give your guests a discount if they have proof your recommendation is why they came in for a slice. Get creative and incentivize travelers to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood!


Contribute Your Perspective

It is possible travelers may feel overloaded with information when they are learning about a new place. To narrow down their options, give them some insight to what you would do. For instance, where is your favorite place to spend an afternoon outside of the house? When you are craving a burger, where is your go-to spot? Revealing this sparks some ideas for guests and paints a clearer picture as to where they are going to prioritize visiting. Plus, it motivates them to utilize those discounts at local spots you negotiated so hard for! 


History Lesson

Guests feel like they are in the loop when their host briefs them on some local history, so fill them in on some fun trivia! Maybe your town was once the site of a historic battle, or maybe Bigfoot has passed through a time or two. Whatever it is, tell the story! Do not be shy about exposing your town’s character; after all, its originality is one of the reasons your guests chose to vacation there.


Give it Some Flare

No matter how accustomed you are to your town, remember your guests may only have the opportunity to visit it this one time. Do everything in your power to make their trip exceed expectations, and cement it as a place they will reflect on with only the fondest of memories.