Encouraging Guests To Stick To New Year’s Resolutions

Encouraging Guests To Stick To New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Role for Hosts

A new year symbolizes a fresh start. It reinvigorates us and inspires positive change, resulting in a wide array of new resolutions. As a host, it is important to recognize being in a position that can help travelers accomplish their goals. What hosts can do to encourage guests to stick to New Year’s resolutions can make their vacation spot stand out from the rest!


Popular Resolutions in 2021 and How to Help

Helping guests achieve their New Year’s goals is not typically on the list of duties for a host, but it can benefit business. Adapt a rental to the trends of 2021 so new habits can sustain themselves during a getaway. To support this, remain in tune with what people are doing to better themselves this year.


Picking up New Hobbies

People are in the mood to try something new, so give them the tools they need to do that! Hosts typically have a head start on this because it is likely the rental is located in an area that offers guests activities they do not usually have at their disposal. Make sure to check the property’s sporting equipment inventory. After that, see what games there are to play. A vacation becomes more memorable when a new favorite hobby is found!


Consuming Less Alcohol

Whether it is quitting entirely or cutting down, less alcohol consumption is a common goal around this time of year. A way to gauge whether or not guests will be indulging is to ask if they want a complimentary bottle of wine. For some, this greeting could earn a host an awesome review, but for others, it could serve as an enabler and hinder them from suppressing the itch. There is no harm in asking before they arrive, as it shows a host is looking out for their best interest.


Saving More Money

The conundrum here is booking a vacation entails spending money, but remember, not everyone is vacationing when they travel this year; therefore, they are on the hunt for more cost-effective activities. Encourage guests to sustain their new spending habits by recommending free outings, rather than pointing them in a direction that will incur additional expenses.


Reading More

Even though there are countless streaming services to choose from, cozying up with a book is still enticing. Check on the rental’s library before guests arrive to be certain there are some classics and new releases to choose from. Leave personal recommendations in the welcome book so guests can more easily decipher what they will read during their stay. Another useful tip is pointing them in the direction of the community’s favorite bookstore. Doing so gives local business a boost and inspires a souvenir idea.



Promote rental properties in a way that shows they are conducive to active lifestyles. Highlight all the physical activities guests can do, such as hiking or using the sporting equipment on the premises. To support healthier eating habits, suggest where they can purchase organic produce and other essentials. Again, another way to help local business!



Traveling is desirable! Use this time of year to verify descriptions demonstrate what makes rentals and their respective communities enticing, making travelers excited to book it for their next trip!


Support Guests’ Resolutions

Staying in the loop with the lifestyle changes people are making this year will attract more travelers and fill up the calendar!