What Colors Represent Hospitality?

What Colors Represent Hospitality?

Hospitality Colors Impact Your Guest Experience

Choosing the right colors for your vacation rental is a balancing act. You want your hospitality colors to represent your brand and appeal to guests. They play a large role in your vacation rental’s guest experience, so, knowing what colors are hospitable can help you decide which are right for your vacation rental.



Maximizing your space is part of being a successful vacation rental host. Flooring can help you do this, and so can white because it opens up your vacation rental. This benefit is part of the psychology behind hospitality colors.

White can also represent hospitality because it helps guests notice how clean your vacation rental is. Cleanliness can only enhance your guest experience, so use white wherever you can!



Green is calming and encourages guests to recharge. Taking care of your guests’ wellness is part of delivering a top-notch guest experience, and green can help you do this.

Painting the walls green may not be your vibe, and that’s okay! There are other ways to add green to your vacation rental without it being, well, so green. Keeping Guest Amenity Kits in your vacation rental’s bathrooms is a great way to add in some green. One of the reasons Modern Innkeeper made this convenience kit for two green is to help you remind guests their wellness matters.

You can also add green by decorating your vacation rental with plants, another way to take care of your guests’ well-being.



Blue is similar to green because it can calm your guests. Another benefit is it’s a productive color, which makes blue a great pick for your vacation rental’s workspace.

With so many jobs going remote in the last two or so years, people are taking their work with them when they travel. Creating a workspace in itself is a great way to show guests you care about their needs. Going a step further is decorating it with a color that will help them focus.

Talk about being hospitable.



Orange can represent hospitality in multiple ways. Orange can be a motivating color, so including it in your workspace may be a good idea too. It can also give guests an appetite.

This isn’t to say you should paint your kitchen orange and replace your counters with orange ones, however, there may be a place for it. Orange may be a color you use if your vacation rental’s destination’s food scene is one of the reasons guests visit.

Having orange decorations in your kitchen, such as dish towels, can inspire your guests’ inner foodie. Maybe you keep menus from your favorite local restaurants near these orange towels so guests get excited about eating there. Wherever you see fit, find a spot for a little bit of orange so your guests can look forward to experiencing the best food your locality has.

After all, nothing says hospitality like a good meal.


Don’t Be Afraid to Add Some Color

Different colors inspire different feelings. Identifying ones that align with your brand and represent hospitality can make your guests feel more welcomed during their stay. Learn more about how to make your vacation rental more hospitable from Furniture, Lighting & Decor.