Welcoming Guests To Vacation Rental

Welcoming Guests To Vacation Rental

A positive welcome goes a long way. First impressions are important, and that’s true for your short-term rental property as well. Upon arrival, you want your guests to feel the welcome. A clean space with thoughtful embellishments will make guests feel comfortable and your place hospitable.

The key to a winning welcome is to showcase the items that are necessary, appealing, and personable to guests upon arrival. A great host can put a smile on guests’ faces upon arrival, without having to physically be there.


1. The entrance. When guests arrive, the entrance is the first spot they see. Some hosts provide “Welcome” signs to guide the guests in the door, while others try for a more subtle approach. A red door means “welcome” in an old early American tradition. Some people also believe that a red door protects the occupants from evil. Red is also a color that stands out. Whether you want your entrance to stand out or be subtle, the entrance to the rental is one of the first things guests will see when they arrive – the first impression.

2. Refreshments. Staying hydrated is important while traveling. There is no doubt that your rental listing will leave a good impression on guests’ mind when they walk in and find water, beverages, and snacks after a long trip. You don’t have to go out of the way to provide the most unique and expensive refreshments. Keeping it simple goes a long way – water bottles, juices, chips, and cookies will be more than good enough. Often times, vacation home rentals can be in remote destinations or away from grocery stores and pharmacies. By providing some refreshments for guests, they can start off with something to stay hydrated and stave off hunger upon arrival while they plan for a trip to the local grocery store.

3. The essentials. Traveling and packing for travel can be a hectic experience. Even the most organized travelers can forget an item or two during a trip. While some guests prefer to pack their own toiletries and essential items, it is also important for hosts to provide these essentials for guests. By providing toiletries and essentials, hosts show that they are thoughtful and have the guests in mind. Not providing anything can leave the impression that the host only does the bare minimum for a booking. Toiletries and essentials are something that many people overlook, but they can really make or break the guest experience when needed. And even if guests prefer to bring their own toiletries or purchase them at the pharmacy themselves after checking in, keep in mind that not all vacation rental spots are in urban centers within walking distance to the closest pharmacy. Convenience is one factor of positive guest experience. The Modern Innkeeper toiletry kit with the essentials will empower hosts to help guests stay clean, stay healthy, and travel far!