Welcome Guests By Turning Your Living Room Into A Lobby

Welcome Guests By Turning Your Living Room Into A Lobby

Perfecting Your Living Room Lobby Design

Yes, your vacation rental has an advantage over hotels when it comes to space, but hotels do have something you may not: a welcoming lobby. Fortunately for you, you can make a living room lobby design of your own! Let’s see how you can give guests a warm welcome and continue enhancing the guest experience.


What Your Living-Room-Turned-Lobby Needs

Before you start shuffling things around, think of what makes a lobby a lobby:

●     The right furniture

●     Information hub/concierge

●     Coffee/tea station

●     Music

●     Plants

Your living room lobby doesn’t have to be exactly like a hotel lobby. Having the freedom to be, we’ll say, unconventional is part of what makes designing your own lobby fun. Here are some ways you can make your lobby welcoming for guests.



Nailing the furniture is key because it’s one of the first things your guests will notice. You’ll want to arrange your furniture in a way that allows your guests to gather round. Surround your coffee table with chairs and couches so your guests can use the space when they’re deciding how they’re going to spend their time at your place. Stick with your rental’s interior design/theme, and if you need some inspiration, check out this blog from Interior Design.


Information Hub/Concierge

How can you be the ultimate concierge and let your guests know what your destination has to offer without being an actual concierge?

By using your coffee table.

Leave the following on your living room lobby’s coffee table so guests can refer to them during their stay:

●     Pamphlets about daytime activities

●     Maps of hiking trails

●     Menus of the best takeout and dine-in restaurants in the area

●     Information on local guides

Make sure guests know all of this useful information is there by letting them know about it in their personal letter.


Coffee and Tea

Guests being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea upon arrival can show them your vacation rental’s guest experience is like no other! Savvy ways to serve coffee and tea can help guests embrace being on vacation. Plus, after a long day of travel, it may be exactly what they need to get their trip off to a great start.


Photo by ATBO


Playing good music for when guests walk in your living room lobby is a great way to leave a good first impression. Music can set the mood and remind guests they’re there to have a great time. Beyond their initial reaction, music can inspire guest loyalty because it’s part of a sensory experience. Hearing the song that was playing in your living room somewhere else after their stay could make them think about the great time they had at your vacation rental. And maybe motivate them to book another stay in the near future.



Your living room lobby design should show your guests their wellness is a priority at your vacation rental. That’s why having plants in your lobby is so beneficial! Some plants purify the air, which can only make guests, quite literally, feel like they made the right choice booking your vacation rental.


Design Your Lobby Your Way

Just because your living room lobby isn’t “traditional” doesn’t make it any less welcoming. Creating a lobby-like atmosphere in your living room is a chance for you to show guests how much you care about their experience. It’s how you can make a great first impression that will shape how your guests think of their host.


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