Driving Rental Bookings During Holiday Season

Driving Rental Bookings During Holiday Season

Few things are more frustrating for hosts to see than surrounding rentals with fuller calendars than theirs. Simply having better amenities, such as newer appliances or a highly potent coffee maker, is not enough to earn consistent business. It is imperative for hosts to do everything in their power to ensure travelers are aware choosing their rentals over the competition results in a more memorable trip. After reviewing various strategies of ways to drive rental bookings during the holiday season, Modern Innkeeper consolidated the best and has provided them for all the hosts out there in need of some cheer!


Post a Plentiful of Photos

If a property’s photos do not do the rental justice, a host will be staring at an empty calendar to end the year. High-caliber photos are a host’s number one selling tool and draws guests to listings, so do not take shortcuts! The chances of guests inquiring about a property increases 83 percent if there are over 20 photos of it, according to a FlipKey study; this statistic by itself is enough to emphasize the importance of this. With the holidays upon us, it may be time for some hosts to update their photos. Take a family from Los Angeles looking to have a white Christmas as an example. If it wants to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Lake Tahoe, California, hosts must have photos of what their rentals look like during this time of year rather than in the spring. This will enable the family to envision what a holiday season spent there will look like, and ultimately, hike up the chance of booking it!


Illustrate Benefits of Rental in Description

A well-written description is a host’s opportunity to detail how his or her rental differentiates from others in the community without directly putting them down. By taking the time to properly inform potential guests why a particular rental is the preeminent one to reside at during the holidays, a host is encouraging guests to begin envisioning themselves vacationing there. Especially this time of year, guests are searching for places that are welcoming and have an original flair to them, so do not hesitate to exploit what makes a rental both of these things. When listing what the area offers, do not merely mention them. Showcase how the rental amplifies those perks. Does it have a scenic trail leading to town? Is it located near a hidden gem most visitors don’t know about? Whatever the unique aspects are, do not hesitate to peddle guests on them! If a rental needs more hallmarks to lure in business, read what sporting equipment Modern Innkeeper suggests hosts should have available.


Market Reviews to Promote Property

The beauty of advertising reviews to drive more bookings is hosts are allowing their past guests to do the bragging for them. Flaunting these reveals a property is a proven commodity, confirming to potential guests booking it is a smart decision. For hosts with bookings during holidays prior, exhibiting those reviews is an additional method to enrich the likelihood of another successful season!


Additional Strategies

To complement those three tactics, implore the following to further enhance the chances at keeping the calendar booked in December and January:

With less people traveling, maintaining a leg up on the competition is vital. Adopt these strategies to enjoy a profitable holiday season!