Types Of Bicycles To Provide Guests

Types Of Bicycles To Provide Guests

5 Popular Bikes to Keep at Vacation Rental

It is no secret technology has made tremendous strides in recent years, and our consumption of it has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Rather instantaneously, we became enthralled with our devices, utilizing them as our primary source to communicate with others, and stay connected with what is going on in the world.

Whether intentional or not, we decided staying in tune with what is going on around us is better done through our devices as opposed to getting out there ourselves, but then along came COVID-19.

Yes, we still had our devices to keep us entertained and current on the latest news, but when we were no longer permitted to get out and socialize with others in our favorite bars or restaurants, we needed an escape from the inside of our homes, and even our devices.

What better way to do that than experience the great outdoors!

Since the beginning stages of the pandemic, bicycling is one of the outdoor activities that has seen an uptick in participants. With more people picking up the hobby, it is important you ensure your guests can pedal around your rental’s destination during their stay.


Modern Innkeeper outlined five popular bikes you can provide them to enhance the guest experience.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are fantastic because, as long as someone knows how to ride a bike, they are suitable for everyone. Since they generally have one to three gears, riding them does not take much effort. If a couple wants to enjoy the fresh air on their way to a night out, they can cruise, hence the name, into town riding them without breaking a sweat. This one-size-fits-all bicycle offers guests an alternative option to explore your rental's locality

Touring Bikes

Guests who are looking to keep their workout going during their vacation will appreciate you for storing a touring bike at your property. Built for riding long distances, touring bikes are capable of being ridden hard on the pavement and going up hills while carrying a substantial amount of weight. They are relatively simple to use, too, so if guests want a more laid back ride, that is available to them.


Fitness Bikes

Unlike the aforementioned touring bike, a fitness bike has higher handlebars. Classified as a high-performance bicycle, fitness bikes exist so their riders can achieve their desired workouts. Generally, they have thin tires so people can ride them on the pavement, but a majority of them can handle thicker ones. Check out these fitness bicycles to see options with thin and thick tires.


Mountain Bikes

If you live near trails and have some adventurous guests coming into town, mountain bikes are a must! To know their purpose look no further than their name. With flat bars and a deluxe suspension system, mountain bikes are ready for whatever the trails throw at them. If there are trails in your area, how they are built is key to remember because it serves as a reminder they are safer for your guests to ride in the mountains than, lets say, cruiser bikes. 


Tandem Bikes

Not the most traditional of the bunch, but providing your guests a tandem bike to enjoy during their stay is a sure way to imprint your vacation rental in their memory. It is not everyday you have an opportunity to ride one bike with a companion, so allow your guests to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Riding bikes with your significant other as the sun sets is romantic, but riding a tandem bike with your significant other as the sun sets?

Just delightful!


Enjoy the Ride

To know which bike is best suited for your vacation rental and guests, consider its location. If your property is in the mountains, a mountain bike is rather fitting. If it is near the beach, a cruiser will most likely get the most use, but you know your area and clientele better than anyone, so ultimately, it is up to you!

No matter what you decide, remember to account for their safety and equip them with helmets!