Hair Dryer To Supply Guests

Hair Dryer To Supply Guests

The More Popular Hair Dryer: Cordless or Wall Mounted?

Providing travelers with all the amenities they would have if they were home contributes towards creating a top-notch guest experience.

However, simply providing them is not enough.

You need to be sure you invest in the best one.

Modern Innkeeper already crowned bar soap the winner of our “Which is the better type of soap?” debate and will now determine which will be the more popular hair dryer among your guests: cordless or wall mounted.


Pros and Cons: Cordless Edition

The advantages and disadvantages of cordless hair dryers come first.



Starting on a positive note is more fun.



Paying attention to guest safety is a critical part of being a quality host, and it is something we prioritize, too.

(For crying out loud, we wrote about five shower mats that keep guests safe!)

Cordless hair dryers get a point for being safe because they reduce the chances of an electrical or fire hazard.



No matter how much you love animals, they will still bring in all of the grime they manage to accumulate throughout the day.

So if your guests’ dog accompanies them on their daily adventures, they may have one dirty dog by day’s end! If they are so obliged (we pray they are for your sake), they will give their pooch a bath so your vacation rental’s interior does not collect the outside world’s filth.

You know what makes this process easier for them?

A cordless hair dryer!

With one of these, guests will feel more inclined to bathe their dog!

We call this a win-win situation: they have a clean dog to snuggle with and you have a not-as-dirty vacation rental.

Thank you, cordless hair dryer.


Requires Less Power

No one likes paying high electricity bills, and luckily, they do not have to.

A cordless hair dryer cuts down your vacation rental’s monthly overhead.



Some downsides do exist.


Less Powerful

Due to its lesser motor, it does not generate the hair-salon-but-I-did-it-at-home look. If your guests plan on exploring the local hot spots, this may not go over well.


Struggles Drying Thick Hair

Thick hair is just too much to handle.

Guests with this asset will not get much done with a cordless hair dryer due to its lower temperatures.


Must Recharge or Have New Batteries

If multiple guests are sharing a cordless hair dryer, its short usage time may be burdensome, and if it requires batteries and you forget to replenish your rental’s supply, you will have some disappointed travelers.


Pros and Cons: Wall Mounted Edition

The veteran of the two: the wall mounted hair dryer.



Some may consider it old school, but that does not mean it cannot get the job done.


Remains Intact

Scenario: mother places cordless hair dryer on the bathroom counter for under five seconds, but in that timespan, her four-year-old son runs in and accidentally knocks it down.

Cordless hair dryer breaks on the bathroom floor.

Mother thinks, “If only I had a place to put it back where he couldn’t have knocked it down.”

A wall mounted hair dryer’s wall mount is always a safe place for it to return to!


Provides Own Security

Most of your guests are kind-hearted people who would never steal anything, but unfortunately, most does not mean all.

Theft has occurred in the past, enough for there to be a protocol to fight it, so it is something to think about. One thing guests will not be stealing is your wall mounted hair dryer!

Sorry to worry you about all of your other stuff.


Stores Itself

Decluttering does wonders when it comes to organizing the bathroom space.

A hair dryer that stores itself on a mount frees up your cabinets and drawers.



Here come the “this is why cordless hair dryers now exist” reasons.


Consumes Power

With its bigger motor, count on a wall mounted hair dryer to increase your electricity bill.



If your vacation rental only has one, guests cannot share it as easily because, well, it is stuck to the wall.



Contradicting the minimalistic-look trends decor has recently adopted, guests may consider it to be a turnoff or outdated.

Or both.


Less is More

The cordless hair dryer will be the more popular hair dryer among guests in 2021 and beyond; therefore, it is our winner!

Select one of these cordless hair dryers to glamorize the guest experience!