Top 3 Interior Design Trends Of 2021

Top 3 Interior Design Trends Of 2021

How to Implement the 3 Most Popular Interior Design Trends In Your Vacation Rental

While it requires work and financial resources, investing in your vacation rental’s interior design is well worth it.

Outdated pictures do not scream to travelers, “Rent me! Rent me!” on your property’s posting. If you are thinking, “Oh, I can just enhance the pictures to make it look good,” your guests will feel dismayed upon arrival because you misled them with altered pictures and your rental’s interior design puts a dark cloud over their trip.

Serving as a constant reminder you lied to them.

The easy solution: keep your property’s interior design current!

Modern Innkeeper recommended interior design shows you can watch for inspiration, and now we are going to teach you how you can implement the three most popular interior design trends of 2021 in your vacation rental, courtesy of New Decor Trends!


Wellness Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, yes, but rather than having its vibe be “Come eat until you can no longer move” designers are now, to the liking of homeowners, creating an ambiance that says, “We lead healthy lifestyles, as evidenced by our trendy wellness kitchen.”

What you eat, among several other lifestyle choices, of course play vital roles in determining whether someone is healthy or not, but a particular environment encourages this positive behavior.

What exactly goes into a wellness kitchen? Glad you asked:

●     Multiple work zones, such as more than one area to cut vegetables and season meats

●     Plants and herbs on display demonstrate clean air and inspire healthy cooking

●     Open shelves to make the kitchen feel more spacious

●     Large produce drawers in refrigerator

●     Natural lighting

Combining all of these elements in your vacation rental’s kitchen makes certain your guests will feel refreshed and recharged before returning back to real life.

Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

Terrazzo Tiles for Walls and Floors

Terrazzo tiles are made when a combination of the following mix in a cement binder:

●     Marble

●     Granite

●     Quartz

●     Glass chips

(Thank you HomeAdvisor)

The reason terrazzo tiles are so in right now is because they give homeowners and interior designers flexibility when it comes to decorating the rest of the home. They can adapt to any colors you want to include, which is an important decision because colors affect your rental’s vibe.

On top of being super trendy right now, terrazzo tiles are famous for being durable. This qualifies them as a great option for areas in your vacation rental that see a lot of traffic, such as entry hallways and the kitchen.

If you have an outdoor deck you know guests love spending time on, you can even use them there!

Eco-Friendly Environment

As the world continues to learn more about and address mental health, there is one solution we have found benefits everyone: nature.

Congested cities, crammed apartments and other realities of our daily lives have long gone without any nature present. Fortunately, that is changing, and to adapt to the times, make sure your vacation property does, too!

Plants add a natural element to living spaces and serve as a positive presence for a plethora of reasons because they:

●     Combat air pollutants

●     Moisturize the air

●     Enhance human psyche

●     Restore nervous system

●     Reduce stress and other illnesses

●     Boost people’s moods

Before you go plant shopping, check out these five plants you should have in your rental.


Keeping Up With the Trends

In our ever-changing world, nothing seems to remain “in” for too long.

Interior design included.

Improve your vacation rental by modifying it with these trends, and then make sure you check back with us to see what is popular come 2022!