3 Ways To Make Vacation Rental Children Friendly

3 Ways To Make Vacation Rental Children Friendly

The summer months are most popular time of the year for family vacation. Logistically speaking, vacation rentals are more desirable for those traveling with children. Vacation rentals are usually equipped with a kitchen, a living room, and multiple bedrooms. Families can stay together at a vacation rental and not separated, compared to when they stay at a hotel and some family members stay in separate hotel rooms.

Some vacation rental properties provide kid-friendly amenities to keep children entertained while they stay there as guests.

Here are three things hosts can focus on to give children a kid-friendly guest experience during their stay.

  1. Children’s Box – a simple storage box stylishly designed and placed at the corner of a living room will be a great surprise for guests with children. Once they have checked-in to your vacation rental and have settled, it’s time to relax. While the adults are busy planning for next day’s activities, the Children’s Box will keep the children entertained. Here are some things you can include in the Children’s Box:

    Coloring/Activity/Puzzle Books

    Drawing Pads

    Markers, crayons, color pencils


    Small gaming consoles

    Toy cars, trucks, or trains



  2. Bathtub and pool toys - Does your vacation rental have any bathtubs or pool? Bathtubs are a great selling point for travelers with children. While the trend is for hotels to take out bathtubs and replace with showers, the majority of vacation rental properties still keep bathtubs in the bathrooms because bathtubs makes it feel more like home. Children love an unexpected bubble bath with the bubble bath liquid and rubber ducky found in the Children’s Box. A pair of inflatable floaties inside the box will also let the parents know that the host is thinking of these little guests. Pleasant children make for pleasant family vacations!


  3. Step stool and booster seat – no one likes to sit at a table where they can barely see over their own plate. Hosting a vacation rental where children stay just means we need to be more thoughtful of everyone’s needs. A step stool can help children in the bathroom, and a booster seat can help them feel like they are not out of place at the table during mealtime.


Children are important members of family vacations. Let’s not forget them. Great experiences for everyone mean great reviews and more bookings.

Just remember to clean and sanitize the items after each group.

Happy Hosting!