Things Modern Innkeeper Is Thankful For This Year

Things Modern Innkeeper Is Thankful For This Year

Thankful for Progress

One of the reasons the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year is because we can take some time to reflect on the last 11 to 12 months of our lives.

But this year, the holidays will be a little different.

That’s because we didn’t get to fully embrace them in 2020, so, we’re actually looking back on the last two years, and for those of us at Modern Innkeeper, that means we have a lot to reflect on and be thankful for.

What better time to do this than the week of Thanksgiving?

After undergoing new ownership and dealing with a pandemic in 2020, we still reached our goals and are starting to reap the benefits of the groundwork we laid.

The combination of hard work and you makes it possible for our team to continue growing Modern Innkeeper, and we want to share what you have helped us achieve, thus far.


2021 Sales Goal

As a provider of guest toiletry kits, amenities and guest supplies for vacation rental hosts, travel coming to a halt for a portion of 2020 was a concern, but we adapted and continued helping hosts like you keep a full calendar.

Evidence of our persistence prevailing is hitting our 2021 sales goal, which was double what it was in 2020.

And the year isn’t even over!

Hosts like you sticking with and allowing us to help you contribute to your vacation rental’s guest experience played a HUGE role in us getting to this number.

In 2022, we will continue providing you the necessary resources to always improve the guest experience, one vacation at a time.


Website Visits

Seeing one of our numbers double was encouraging, but seeing numbers triple really lifted our spirits!

Both our website visits and total page views tripled last year’s numbers, which shows we are continually helping more hosts, whether that’s with our products or tips on The Art of Hosting.

Another positive indicator we are heading in the right direction is our number of unique visitors quadrupled 2020’s!

If you’ve shared our website, emails or products with your unique friends, thank you oh so much.


But What’s Next?

To keep up the momentum, we have our sights set on 2022, when we are going to expand our line of products so you have more to offer your guests:

●     Launch a new hand soap collection

●     Add more essential hotel supplies

●     Work on a new line of amenity kits

When they become available, you can ensure your guests will enjoy the newest and freshest amenities.

Expect to receive updates on these in the near future!


A Final Toast

The small team that makes this thing possible includes Salma (industrial designer), Crystal (photographer), Lavanya (photographer), Jake (copywriter) and Vivian, Modern Innkeeper’s General Manager.

All five of us are so thankful for your continued support and loyalty.

Without you, this would not be possible, so please know we are going to continue working hard to make certain your guests leave happy and are excited to come back.

Happy Thanksgiving!