The Value of Wholesale Toiletries For Vacation Accommodations

The Value of Wholesale Toiletries For Vacation Accommodations

Wholesale Toiletries Enhance the Guest Experience

The rise of platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have provided hosts like you the opportunity to run your own business, and Modern Innkeeper an opportunity to help you run a successful business by providing wholesale toiletries.

Wholesale toiletries may seem like a small part of your business, but think about how essential they are. So essential, in fact, that whether you’re the host of a vacation rental, boutique hotel or another vacation accommodation, amenities affect how your guests will judge their stay.

Modern Innkeeper is here to help you make sure once your guests leave, they’ll already be talking about when they want to come back next.

What Modern Innkeeper Does, and Why

In short, Modern Innkeeper offers wholesale hotel supplies and vacation rental amenities.

What prompted us to start doing this back in 2015? Well, research says:

●     More people 18 to 45 years old have rented an Airbnb than launched a business, adopted a dog or started a new job in recent years.

●     Most travelers have children and say the size of accommodations impacts where they stay.

●     Over 40 percent of these travelers stay somewhere overnight three to five times a year.

How many people regularly travel means you can keep your property’s calendar full year round. Providing them quality toiletries and amenities helps this become more likely. More than 80 percent of travelers once expressed they weren’t happy with the toiletries and amenities provided on their vacation. We want to help you make sure your guests aren’t part of that overwhelming majority.


Who Modern Innkeeper Serves

Being a host isn’t easy or cheap. That’s why we want to empower hosts like you to pamper guests with quality toiletries without breaking the bank.

The budget of a large hotel corporation is much different than one of a vacation rental host. However, no matter where they stay, guests still want the best of the best. They expect amenities like quality hand soap and shampoo to be available, but probably don’t realize how costly they can be for you. This is why you deserve to have affordable options like the Guest Amenity Kits and other new amenity collections available soon.

Affordable and quality wholesale vacation rental supplies can also help you stand out as a host. Not even 20 percent of vacation property guests rated the amenities they had as “very good.” That leaves 80-plus percent of travelers unhappy with their amenities. Unhappy travelers are less likely to leave a positive review (a vital part of being a host). On the flip side, happy travelers are more likely to leave a positive review.

To sum it up, quality toiletries lead to happy guests, and happy guests lead to more positive reviews.

That’s why it’s our mission to serve you.


Modern Innkeeper’s Messaging

At the end of the day, our goal is to empower you to enhance the guest experience. We designed our products to fit in anywhere so hosts of several different types of vacation accommodations can provide them for their guests. From a beachfront bungalow to a boutique hotel in the countryside, our amenities will look like they belong.

Hotel toiletries are Modern Innkeeper’s bread and butter, however, they’re not the only way we help you enhance the guest experience. The Art of Hosting provides monthly tips on how to continue growing your business. You can get those tips in your inbox by taking less than 30 seconds to become an Inn-Sider.