The Ultimate Shower Deodorizer: Shower Onions

The Ultimate Shower Deodorizer: Shower Onions

First, Let Us Answer This: What Are Shower Onions?

Just when you think you have heard it all is the moment shower onions decided to become a thing.

Yes, shower onions.

What are shower onions you ask?

Well, shower onions are almost exactly what they sound like: onions you leave in your bathroom.

The Modern Innkeeper team had to conduct a fair amount of research before feeling qualified enough to inform you of the latest craze, and how shower onions can be of service to the bathrooms in your vacation rental!

(Do not worry, we reveal our other favorite shower deodorizers if shower onions are not for you)


Peeling it Back

People literally put onions, preferably whole, in a bowl and place them in their bathrooms because they absorb odors that tend to linger. Of course, there is the obvious smell people want out, but a poorly ventilated bathroom also has the potential to take on a musty stench.

Insert shower onions.

Rather than remain confined in your rental’s bathroom, shower onions naturally capture these smells, which makes trips to the bathroom more pleasant for your guests and earns you higher reviews.

To certify shower onions as being a thing, look no further than it being a trend on TikTok.

If you do not feel inclined to decorate your bathroom with shower onions and want to learn about more traditional bathroom deodorizers, continue reading.


3 Alternative (More Normal) Options

Keeping a vegetable in your vacation rental’s bathroom may not be preferable, which is cool, and that is why we proceeded to list our three favorite, more ordinary, bathroom deodorizer options.


Spray Dispenser

The most popular deodorizers on the market are sprays. They come in a variety of scents and even have options with no scent if all you want is to eliminate the bad smell. They are easy to use and take up a minimal amount of room wherever you elect to store them, such as on top of the toilet or under the sink.



Even though sprays are the most popular, plug-in deodorizers may be the most effective way to ensure bathrooms smell fresh all day every day because they do the work themselves!

Periodically, a plug-in freshener automatically releases a certain fragrance that overrides any unpleasant smells trapped in the bathroom.

All you have to do is find an open electrical outlet and plug it in for the magic to happen, and then you can sleep at night knowing your guests are not having to hold their breaths while using the bathroom.



None of the three options above are super visually-appealing (unless a bowl of onions in the bathroom has a certain lure to you), which separates potpourri from the rest of the competition!

A potpourri is made with all natural ingredients, such as dried petals and spices, that release a delightful smell. Thanks to its from-the-earth contents, a potpourri is an environment-friendly product, which is an additional perk you can feel good about!

With the most upside when it comes to visual appeal, a potpourri is a great two-for-one option: masks the foul smells and serves as a positive addition to your property’s decor.

Do not feel ashamed if you are still wondering what potpourris are. They are one of those items you have never heard of, but once you see it you go, “Oh yeah, I have seen a million of those.”

Click here for a visual and to determine which potpourri is the best one to decorate and deodorize your bathroom with.


Fresh Onions, Fresh Bathrooms

Storing shower onions in your vacation rental’s bathroom is not the only way to eliminate repulsive smells, but it sure is the most creative!

Invest in any of the items above to guarantee your guests have a clean bathroom to rave about when it is time to review your vacation property!

Oh yeah, and if you do decide to go with shower onions, do not eat them under any circumstance!