The Scent of Travel: How It Creates Memories

The Scent of Travel: How It Creates Memories

5 Travel Scents Your Guests Will Never Forget

The olfactory nerve possesses sensory nerve fibers that transmit odor-related nerve impulses to the body’s central nervous system. In terms we can all understand, it enables the brain to process smells, which imprints it in your memory. Scents have a large impact on how we categorize different life experiences, both good and bad. Like when you stroll into a bakery and are instantaneously reminded of your grandmother because of the chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. You want guests to resonate with this feeling when they breathe in the travel scents in your vacation rental long after their trip. Depending on what type of vibe you are going for and your vacation property’s location, what you should choose varies. Modern Innkeeper points out the differences of five different scents you can use as fragrances in your rental! 



The smell of pine alleviates stress. This single reason warrants its presence in your vacation rental, as you want your guests to feel at ease during their stay at your property. Since it is a common scent, Christmas trees are pine trees, it is likely your guests have already been exposed to it and associate it with a pleasant memory. Find a place for pine in your rental to keep the good times coming!



Vanilla has the ability to improve one’s mood. If you want to ensure your guests are in good spirits during their stay at your vacation rental consider adding vanilla to its ambiance, as it will encourage them to reflect fondly on their time spent there.



As pleasant as pumpkin smells, this one is definitely more situational, as it is an aphrodisiac. Include it when you are expecting a couple coming for a romantic getaway, and do not be afraid to leave some pumpkin-scented candles next Valentine's Day. Pumpkin may deserve some credit for a lovey-dovey weekend a couple forever cherishes!



Evinced by its ability to treat insomnia patients, lavender promotes better sleep. Even though your guests may be vacationing at your rental to escape reality’s responsibilities, that does not prevent what they are getting away from to keep them up at night. Assist them in ridding themselves of unnecessary worries by leaving lavender in the bedrooms. Feeling well-rested might be enough to remember your place as a repeat vacation destination!



Most people do not have the luxury of being near a beach on a regular basis, so if you are fortunate enough to have a vacation rental near the coast, take advantage of it and embrace the aura! Travelers want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere, so amplify it by providing them with a scent that reminds them of where they are. Maybe guests will think of their vacation at your property the next time they visit another beach!


What Makes My Rental Smell Like These Fragrances?

Aside from choosing the appropriate scent for your rental, you also have to make sure you administer the perfect amount: not too much, but not too little. The following create the perfect balance:

Scattering these around your property guarantees guests will look back on their trip with admiration!


Smell the Memories

To ingrain your vacation rental in your guests’ memories provide a strong enough scent to generate positive remembrance of their time at your property!