The Rain Chain: Making Rain More Enjoyable

The Rain Chain: Making Rain More Enjoyable

A Rainy Vacation is Healthy

Travelers who claim rain ruined their vacation have their host to blame for failing to take advantage of its mental health benefits.

For one, rain eases anxiety. Its predictable sound is soothing and guides us to a relaxed state of mind by altering the neural pathways in our brain.

So, why not ensure your rental property makes the most of it?

Caring for guests’ mental health has been on Modern Innkeeper’s mind as of late, and getting the most out of a rainy vacation is another way to do this.


Order a Rain Chain

Setting up a Rain Chain is the first step towards making certain guests find the rain calming. A Rain Chain drains water from the gutters down to the ground, serving as a man-made waterfall.

Not only do they provide pleasant sounds for your guests, but they also complement the decor. There are over 150 options, so you can easily match one with, let’s say, your Zen garden.



Another plus is all Rain Chains are environmentally-friendly. The company prides itself on using smaller amounts of resources that are less harmful to the planet:

●     Test products for radioactivity to guarantee their safety

●     Reuse packaging material

●     Shred junk mail and other paper to use for shipping

●     Recycle all office supplies and product material

Another bonus: installing them is easy! They hang from where the downspout would and come with all the necessary pieces to make it a perfect fit.

Find the Rain Chain that suits your property here.


Additional Rainy Day Activities

Some daytime activities we recommended are appropriate for a rainy day, but not all account for wet weather.

So, we revamped our list.



Whether guests like winging it or following a recipe, cooking requires creativity, which positively impacts mental health.

Cooking during vacation may sound less than ideal to some, but you have the power to make it exciting.

Encourage cooking by providing the necessary kitchen supplies and recommending locally-inspired dishes they can try. Let guests know where to get the ingredients (butcher shop, farmers market, etc.), too.

This plus a rainy day will empower your guests’ inner-chef!



Similar to cooking, baking requires creativity, and travelers' propensity to indulge on vacation only increases its appeal as a rainy day activity.

Baking is no sure thing, so in case they fail, leave some ice cream in the freezer so they satisfy their sweet tooth.



In addition to entertainment, reading strengthens the brain by working circuits and signals, according to this study. Hence how it is beneficial for one’s mental health.

Design an inviting reading nook where guests can spend a rainy afternoon.

Placing it near a window by your Rain Chain would be a nice touch. Also, do not forget to leave them some books to read, too.


Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is lovely for a rainy day because it is something the entire family can do together. They keep children occupied, and also improve their mental health:

●     Boosts brain productivity

●     Relieves stress

●     Instills confidence

●     Strengthens empathy

Adults receive the same benefits, on top of having fun and spending quality time with their children.

Here is a list of arts and crafts for all ages you can have available.


Spa Day

The kids are finally napping after spending the early portion of the afternoon baking. They dirtied the kitchen without helping clean, so their parents took care of it. Just like at home.

If only the weather would permit an adult beverage on the cushioned swing chair out back.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a vacation?” they ask themselves.

Remind them it is by supplying the necessities for an at-home spa day:

●     Scented soap

●     Candles

●     Bath salt

●     Facial pad

●     Wash cloths

●     Robes

●     Slippers

Hearing rain trickle down the Rain Chain while pampering themselves will remind them they are on vacation.

At least until the kids start crying again.


Welcoming the Rain

Just because the sun is hiding does not mean the day is wasted.

Ready your rental so guests can experience all of the rain's benefits. That way they embrace its beauty, and develop a new appreciation for what nature has to offer.