Psychology Behind Hospitality Colors

Psychology Behind Hospitality Colors

What Do Hospitality Colors Represent?

Why hotels and vacation rental hosts favor certain colors over others is not solely based on their aesthetics. Each color signifies a particular message, playing a role in luring in travelers and creating a quality first impression. Guests may not realize it at the time, but colors plant certain perceptions in their brains. Modern Innkeeper compiled frequently utilized ones and proceeded to demonstrate how to include them in your vacation rental. Identify which hospitality colors work best for your property and see how they enhance the guest experience!



When you reflect back on all the hotels and vacation rentals you have stayed at, white is most likely the first color (yes, we know it is technically a shade) you think of. This is not by accident. The hospitality industry consists of a lot of white decor because travelers immediately classify the space as cleanly, which is a key contributor towards earning a glowing review! Another benefit of white is it has the ability to open up the room. Take a bathroom for instance. White tiles will reflect its lighting and brighten it up, which in essence plays a trick on the mind by making it appear more spacious than it actually is. A roomier bathroom is much more enticing than one that appears crammed! White decor possesses a ton of benefits that will improve your rental’s guest experience, but it also dirties very easily. Prepare for this by remaining stocked on essential cleaning supplies.



More so than a color, pale is a category of colors like:

  • Beige

  • Cream

  • Grey

  • Yellow

Because their classification is neutral, pale colors are appropriate for a vacation rental that hosts travelers ranging across a wide spectrum. While they may not be the most captivating of colors they are also not going to turn anyone away. On top of being neutral, pale colors are also adaptable; so if you enjoy frequently redecorating your rental, pale furniture and other decor-related objects will still have a home. Knowing who your guests are will tell you how much you should implement pale colors.



Above all else, red is a passionate color. It represents energy and boldness. Red is powerful. While all of these are positive traits, a dominant red presence can be overbearing. The vibrant color is also stimulating, which may take away from the relaxing, at-home atmosphere you are attempting to create at your vacation rental. That is why it is recommended to use red as a complementary color to your rental’s wood furnishings or natural finishes.



Orange does not only look similar to red, but it also shares some traits, like energy and stimulation. It has the ability to grab someone’s attention, and is commonly used for motivational purposes. While you must avoid going too over the top with it, orange definitely has a place in your vacation property. Since it motivates people, place it near your sporting equipment to ensure it gets some use!



Blue is a staple in the most-popular-colors-in-the-world lists. People consider it trustworthy, which is something you aim to be as a host. With that being said, focus on incorporating tamer blues as opposed to deep ones, as the latter represents power. Blues on the paler side will put guests at ease and confirm they are in good hands vacationing at your rental.



As our world becomes more conscious about health, the color green is becoming more important. It signifies naturalness and is positive for people's well-being. If lushness surrounds your rental, adopt green tones to emphasize your property’s environment. On the flip side, if you have a rental in a city that is missing an organic element, include green decor to create it. Decorating with plants is a great place to start! 



If you are considering using black when you decorate your rental, be certain you are not forcing it. When black contrasts a color, it can make a room look much more distinguished; however, proceed with caution if your property does not receive a good amount of natural light. Black in a dimly lit room is uninviting, and, as it relates to the human eye, it can dwindle the size of the space. 


Host Colorfully

Colors have the power to positively impact how your guests perceive your vacation rental, and ultimately how much they enjoy their trip. Recognize this and coordinate the colors in your property to inspire an experience travelers will want to come back for!