Modern Innkeeper’s Room Ready Checklist

Modern Innkeeper’s Room Ready Checklist

Your Vacation Rental Essentials Checklist

After packing for vacation it may feel like you included everything you will need, but when you begin unpacking at your destination, it occurs to you you left a vital item at home.

If only you made a list before packing to ensure you brought everything!

Well hindsight is 20/20, and now that you know what this feels like, you will create a list before it is time to pack for the next trip.

Your guests will find themselves in similar situations, and since you can resonate with the struggle, you can save the day! The Modern Innkeeper crew got together to determine what items must be on the vacation rental essentials checklist so your guests have everything they need during their stay.

We will break it down room by room so you have a clear picture of what you should have available so your guests enjoy a worry-free trip!



We will address the bathroom first because not having its essential items can be, we will say, troublesome:

  • Towels

  • Robes

  • Tissues

  • Toilet paper (you can never have too much)

  • Makeup mirror

  • Toiletries

Especially for guests who drive a long way to get to your vacation rental, going to the closest convenience or grocery store to purchase these necessities is a hassle. Supply what they need to relieve them from this potential burden.



The Art of Hosting recently dedicated a blog written for the purpose of making your guests’ beds visually appealing and cozy, but we are still going to remind you what this entails, plus mentioning some other crucial items that do not necessarily always come to mind:

  • Extra pillows and blankets

  • Hangers

  • Luggage racks

  • Reading lights

  • Floor length mirror

  • Ear plugs and eye masks

Yes, your guests are on vacation to get away, but they still want to be cozy. Creating a homey vibe in the bedroom accomplishes this.


Living Room

Think of the living room as your property’s lobby. More than likely it is the first part of the rental guests will see and where they will gather; therefore, it better make a great impression:

Your rental’s ambiance starts with the living room, so getting it right is a must!



A vacation rental’s kitchen is somewhere else guests will gather. Even if they do not plan on cooking, they will expect the basics:

  • Coffee and tea

  • Dish rack

  • Dish soap/dishwasher detergent

  • New sponge

  • Paper towels

  • Glassware

  • Utensils

  • Pots and pans

  • Cooking utensils

  • Cutting boards

  • Bottle opener (beer and wine)

  • Salt and pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Water source (i.e. Brita, bottled water or working water filter)

When guests take you up on your local flavor suggestions and indulge in the ice cream you left in the freezer, they will be extra thankful all the key items are available in your kitchen!


Laundry Room

Doing laundry during vacation is not ideal, but sometimes there is no avoiding it. If your guests find themselves in this predicament, make their lives easier by equipping them with what they will need:

Whoever is on laundry duty will be sure to write a glorifying review if you deliver these items.



We know from past mistakes you can never be too prepared, so find a place for the following in your vacation rental:

  • Welcome treats

  • Fresh flowers

  • Maps and brochures of your rental’s locality

  • Rundown of rules and contact information

  • Relevant amenities, such as beach chairs if your rental is near the beach

  • First aid kit

  • Matches and lighters

  • Double and triple A batteries

  • Lockbox

They may be obsolete at times, but when your guests need any of these items, you will be their hero.


Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Most travelers will not utilize all of these items during one trip, but over time, you will soon learn how having them made a particular group’s vacation more enjoyable because you took care of the little things.


Don’t know where to start?

Here’s a convenient and straightforward checklist you can download, print, and take with you on-the-go as you go inspect your rental and make plans to stock up! Hosts have found our list to be very helpful.