The Anatomy Of An Award Winning Vacation Rental

The Anatomy Of An Award Winning Vacation Rental

How to Become a Top Vacation Rental

We live in a copycat world where people steal other people’s ideas all the time. This happens in business because business owners, vacation rental hosts included, want to do everything they can to keep up with the latest trends and give their customers what they want.

That is why knowing how a 162-year-old house in Alexandria, Virginia won Eviivo’s Hottest Property Award can help you attract more guests.

Your goal shouldn’t be to copy this rental, but rather, learn what these hosts did to make it the top vacation rental in the country. Once you have, you can figure out how to apply their tactics to your vacation property.


First Impression

Generating interest for your vacation rental needs to start the moment travelers view your property’s page. There’s an art to showing them all your property has to offer, and the hottest rental in the country can help you perfect it.



The Liberty House of Old Town (the name of the property in Alexandria) has 83 pictures on its Airbnb page. There are two bedrooms and one-in-a-half bathrooms, so the house isn’t necessarily big, however, the hosts have provided travelers with plenty of pictures so they can better visualize the space.

And more importantly, better visualize themselves vacationing there.

The majority of the pictures are of the house and property, but the hosts also included pictures of what guests can do in the surrounding area, such as where they can eat at and national monuments they can visit. Providing these shows guests what they can expect from the local area (more on that later).


These hosts aren’t shy about the amenities their vacation rental has. Their page makes it clear the property has household items like kitchen essentials, a workspace, a coffee maker and much more. They also mentioned luggage dropoff is available for guests who arrive early or leave late. This added service is a convenience that can help secure bookings. Be sure to include all your amenities and additional services you may have on your property’s page.



Just like they weren’t shy about their amenities, these hosts weren’t shy about listing what makes their property special in the “About this space” section. Here is what they included:

Attention grabbers like these motivate travelers to learn more about why their property is the best play to stay in Alexandria. Identify the highlights of your vacation rental and add them to your description.


The Local Flare

This award-winning rental’s decor proves travelers really do want to experience their vacation destination’s locality.

The Liberty House of Old Town’s decorations are patriotic because American history is a popular reason to visit Alexandria, Virginia, which is just outside of Washington D.C. Matching their property’s decor with the purpose of their guests’ trips enhances their guest experience, and you should do the same. If your decorations reflect what your rental’s local area is popular for, guests will enjoy a more complete experience during their stay.

More than 80 percent of travelers want to get in touch with their destination’s local culture. Help them do this by embracing it yourself.


The Details Matter

In addition to making their property appealing, The Liberty House of Old Town’s hosts did all the little things right by:

●     Choosing blue (a popular hospitality color)

●     Having a hair dryer

●     Supplying guests with towels

●     Furnishing their outdoor patio

●     Mentioning their cleaning service

●     Featuring the bedrooms on the Airbnb page

If you provide all the basics, capture your rental’s locality and make your property appealing, there’s a chance you can have the country’s next top vacation rental.