Tasty Treats To Welcome Guests With

Tasty Treats To Welcome Guests With

Eat Good, Feel Good

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that food is a staple in our society. We have a holiday revolving around a 20-pound roasted bird and unlimited sides that end up in tupperware for weeks; we eat while we watch people cook on TV; how fun a party is is defined by how good the food was rather than the company. The point is, food plays a vital role in our lives. By providing tasty treats to welcome guests with, you are enhancing their vacation experience, which ultimately reflects how great of a host you are! To inspire some ideas, Modern Innkeeper has some delicious suggestions that will satisfy your guests’ taste buds!


Local Produce

Providing guests with produce from your favorite locally-owned market is a terrific way to immerse them in the town’s locality and please their appetites. As we previously discussed, guests desire a local experience when they vacation, so introducing them to the town’s go-to grocer by feeding them free food is an appreciable way to give them a taste of the local flare. Rather than only leaving a flavorful array of fruits and vegetables, go the extra mile and write them a note detailing where they can purchase more during their stay. Only leave enough to give them a taste, that way they will head to town to stock up on more!


Charcuterie Board Essentials

Someone may not like everything a charcuterie board has to offer, but there is at least one item for everyone to enjoy. After all, the beauty of it is that a wide array of goodies congregate on one visually appealing board! When deciding what to include, consider the following:

  • Sliced meats

  • Crackers

  • Cheeses

  • Spreads

  • Grapes

  • Apples

  • Olives

  • Bread

  • Nuts

On the surface, this may appear overwhelming, but remember you are not responsible for preparing it for your guests, nor do you have to include all of these ingredients. Charcuterie boards allow for flexibility, so only incorporate what is feasible to you. To spark some culinary innovation, check out these ideas.


Baked Goods

Anytime you walk into an office with baked goods available, you already like that place a bit more, or dislike it a bit less, right? Since you have experienced the happy emotions their aroma triggers, reciprocate the feeling to your guests! When they arrive at your rental, they are most likely elated to get their vacation underway, exhausted after a treacherous day of travel, or a combination of both. No matter how they are feeling, being greeted by baked goods can only improve their moods. Their alluring scent will cause them to classify your rental as a pleasant memory because humans categorize life events based on their senses in a particular moment. If baking is not your area of expertise, check out these straightforward recipes that are bound to impress guests. If those look overwhelming, no guest will be upset with a platter of cookies!



Picking up your guests a six pack from the town’s local brewery is a thoughtful gesture. Gifting a bottle of the nearby winery’s seasonal Pinot Noir will appease their pallets. It is likely most travelers would be grateful for these welcoming gifts; however, it is wise to confirm they drink before supplying it. During this time of year, a common goal for people is to cut down or eliminate their alcohol consumption, so be respectful of that and confirm whether or not they drink prior to stocking them up on it.


Treat Your Guests Right

Executing on the little things is what will make you stand out as a host. To complement the personal letters you write, welcome your guests with tasty treats that will leave a good taste in their mouths!