Start Guests’ Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Start Guests’ Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Make Breakfast on Vacation Fun and Healthy

As health becomes a bigger priority for people all over the country, the travel industry is making adjustments to accommodate new lifestyle choices.

Hotels, such as Hyatt and Hilton, are revamping their menus to present their guests healthier options, focusing on quality instead of quantity in their breakfast buffets. Revamped selections will better suit dietary needs and allow travelers to enjoy more options.

Although you operate a vacation rental and not a hotel, you are still a hotelier of sorts, so it is important you follow this trend, especially because the flexibility you have with a kitchen works to your advantage!

Breakfast on vacation can be both healthy and fun, as long as you know what to supply guests ahead of time. Continue reading to learn which ingredients you need to stock your rental with to provide travelers with plenty of options!



Fresh fruit is not only nutritious, but also quite tasty!

While it is not typically an entire meal, fruit is an enjoyable and healthy side. Guests can:

●     Top their pancakes with it

●     Eat it alongside an omelet

●     Include it in their smoothies

Rather than purchasing fruit at a big grocer, you can support local business by shopping at a local farmers market or co-op grocery store. If it’s fresh enough, guests will want more of it, so make sure you let them know where they can find it during their stay!



Speaking of omelets, this option has a ton of variety and makes being healthy exciting. Depending on preference, guests can make their omelets however they would like. Just make sure to have all of the necessary ingredients so everyone can enjoy their favorite type:

●     Eggs

●     Cheese

●     Spinach

●     Bacon

●     Sausage

●     Basil

●     Bell peppers

●     Mushrooms

●     Ham

Someone may get stuck cooking a bunch of different omelets for the entire family, but hey, at least everyone will be happy and fed!



Oatmeal is only boring if you don’t do anything to make it exciting. There are multiple ways to liven it up, such as eating it with peanut butter or topping it with fresh fruit, but there are also oatmeal pancakes. A creative recipe like this enables guests to have fun being healthy, and they may leave your vacation rental with a new go-to breakfast!


Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Maybe your guests have an early morning with a local tour guide or want to go for a long bike ride. For either of those adventures, or whatever they are doing bright and early, they will need a nutritious breakfast. Even if making one doesn’t sound too enticing.

Which is why they can cook it the night before!

An overnight breakfast casserole will be waiting for them and help make the morning more efficient. Just get them the ingredients below and send them this recipe so they know what to do:

●     One pound of pork sausage

●     10 eggs

●     Milk

●     Dijon mustard

●     Ground pepper

●     20 ounces of hash browns

●     Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Breakfast already made will get everybody out of the rental faster and help make the most out of the day!


Bacon, Egg and Potato Breakfast Casserole

The second casserole on Modern Innkeeper’s list requires more time because there are more ingredients, so it is best suited for slower-paced mornings, but if guests have the time, it is absolutely worth it. Especially if your vacation property is in the countryside, since it is an Amish-style breakfast.

Talk about perfecting the guest experience.

Find this bacon, egg and potato breakfast casserole’s ingredients here, and in addition to those, make sure your kitchen has the following:

●     9x9 (or one close in size) casserole dish

●     Large skillet

●     Large mixing bowls

●     Cooking spray

Imagine the disappointment guests would feel if they had a scrumptious recipe to make but not the right supplies.


Healthy, Fun and Memorable

One of the best hosting practices is to listen to what your guests want and proceed to make it happen.

Travelers strive to keep up their newfound healthy habits during vacation (with a few scoops of ice cream being the exception), so help them do this without sacrificing taste with these delicious breakfast recipes!