Sporting Equipment To Provide Guests

Sporting Equipment To Provide Guests

Although numerous communities are facing another round of mandatory shutdowns due to the novel coronavirus, people are continuing to travel this holiday season. For all the hosts out there, it is imperative to not only provide a safe place for guests to stay, but also supply them with alternatives to congregating at the town’s diviest bar, watching a killer cover band rock out, or another recreation that would be acceptable in normal circumstances. Just because those options are not currently viable, that does not mean traveling cannot be any fun!

To help think outside the box, Modern Innkeeper generated some ideas as to which sporting equipment hosts can provide guests to accumulate bookings and make their stays as active as possible!



Providing camping and hiking gear is the perfect way to enable guests to enjoy the great outdoors. With the recent surge in camping, hosts can count on people feeling adventurous enough to try something new! To keep up with the trend, bestowing guests with camping necessities permits them to travel lighter while being equipped for spending time in the wilderness, or in some cases the backyard. First and foremost, prioritize having the bulky and uncommon items handy:

  • Accurate list of campsites and regulations.

  • Flashlight with extra batteries.

  • First aid/survival kit.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Tent.

Possessing everything needed is nearly impossible, but having some of the essentials is a great way to inspire guests to get in touch with nature! To see what other items are smart to have, refer to a checklist Eureka! compiled.



Cycling is an activity that is done safely in groups and is terrific exercise for those who indulge in it. Riding bicycles is something most guests can do because it offers something for people at all levels: a couple can take advantage of a jaw-dropping sunset by casually strolling on cruisers along the beach or a group of avid cyclists can ride their mountain bikes on excruciating trails to get their morning workouts in. Being an activity that appeals to multiple types of people, hosts can appease their guests by encouraging cycling by supplying some of its necessities.

Owning all sorts of bikes is not too feasible, but keeping some cruisiers in the garage is a way to promote the activity. Aside from housing the actual equipment, ways to motivate guests to incorporate cycling into their trips are by listing bicycle rentals’ information and recommendations on where to cycle, like an iconic trail or scenic stretch that is practical to get to. Whether hosts have everything their guests need in order to cycle around town or they inspire guests to bring their bicycles by detailing trails in the area, include it in descriptions to excite guests about their stays!


Paddle Sports

Due to the sizes and prices of paddle sport products (kayaks, paddleboards, rafts, and canoes), companies have seen a dip in these products’ sales, until recently. The NPD Group reported the sales of paddle sports’ products in June 2020 increased 56 percent compared to last year. To all the hosts out there, this is proof the demand for these products is extremely prevalent! These objects were once deemed cumbersome, but recent modifications make them more attainable. In order to accommodate space constraints, there are inflatable kayaks, along with other paddle sports’ products, hosts can easily store. Paddle sports are not activities an everyday person gets to do on a regular basis, so a host with the equipment readily available will have a more desirable rental than others!


Aside from the activities listed above, hosts can provide guests with equipment and information to play other sports, such as golf and tennis. No matter what hosts equip their guests with, ensure rentals’ descriptions emphasize the sporting equipment available. Doing so will intrigue potential guests and increase the likelihood of receiving bookings during and after the current shutdown.