Simple Do’s And Don’ts When Responding To Guest Reviews

Simple Do’s And Don’ts When Responding To Guest Reviews

How to Respond to Reviews From Guests

Enhancing the guest experience includes knowing how to respond to reviews from your guests. Different reviews require different responses. Some may be super positive because your vacation rental is amazing, but some may be negative because your guests didn’t utilize all your vacation rental has to offer.

That’s why Modern Innkeeper wants to share these simple do’s and don’ts so you know how to respond to every review you receive.


The Do’s

Whether your guests post a review saying how much fun they had using your vacation rental's outdoor equipment or complaining about what could’ve been better, you must always remember to do the following.


Do Respond to All Reviews

A positive review is easy to respond to, but you can’t ignore the negative ones just because they’re, well, negative. Not responding right away is okay. Take the necessary time to process what your unhappy guest has to say, and then write a thoughtful response. Recognizing their displeasure shows you care enough to make things right, and it also shows potential guests reading your vacation rental’s reviews that you care about your vacation rental’s guest experience.

Similar to how guests expect responses on social media, 52 percent of online reviewers expect responses within a week, especially to negative reviews, according to ReviewTrackers.


Do Make Responses Public

Potential guests can only see your responses if you make them public. Particularly with negative reviews, you may have to take the conversation “offline” at some point, but make sure your first response is public. This is important because you want potential guests to see you don’t ignore negative reviews. If they see a negative review you didn’t respond to publicly, they may keep looking for another vacation rental.


Do Wish Them Well

For as badly as you may want to give it right back to those guests who leave blood-boiling reviews, it’s crucial to end on good terms. This proves to other guests you prefer to take the high road and acknowledge everyone’s feedback, even if it’s unfavorable.


The Don’ts

The don’ts section is where you’ll learn how valuable self-control is and what proper decorum is when responding to reviews.

(If you do get the urge to tell a guest off by way of responding to their review, come back to this blog to remember how staying composed is good for business!)


Don’t Get into It with a Troll

As odd as it may seem, some people are on the Internet just to irritate others (a troll). If you find out a troll is leaving your vacation rental negative reviews, ignore them after your initial response. The real guests your vacation rental attracts should be able to tell if a troll is there just to give you a hard time and won’t let it affect their decision to stay at your vacation rental. If the troll continues even after you stop responding, consider reporting them to the platform your vacation rental is on.


Don’t Post Identical Responses

If your two most recent reviews are “Great place! I highly recommend it to people traveling here” and “Place is great! Definitely recommend it to future travelers!” don’t leave identical responses. Not all reviews are super thoughtful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Personalizing your responses shows you took the time to read each review and care about what your guests have to say.


Don’t Wait Long to Respond

If your guest took the time to post a review, you should respond as soon as possible. Reply in 24 to 48 hours or sooner if possible. Responding to reviews in a timely manner shows potential guests reading your reviews that if they book your place, they’ll be able to count on having a communicative host.


Do and Don’t Everything Necessary

Reviews are a vital part of your business, and knowing how to respond to reviews can show potential guests you’re a host they can count on. Carve out some time at least every couple of days to respond to your reviews so all your guests know you care!