Selling Your Destination To Guests

Selling Your Destination To Guests

How to Sell Your Destination to Guests

Not only is your rental property equipped with the finest amenities, a wide selection of sporting equipment, and enough space to beat out the confines of a hotel, but it is also located in an incredibly desirable destination. It possesses the perfect balance of activities for the outdoorsy type while local fine dining is within strolling distance. Guests could not possibly want more, but how do you get them to realize this? Do not fret if figuring how to sell your destination to guests has stumped you. Modern Innkeeper will educate you on how to ensure they know your rental’s destination is exactly what they have been searching for.



By now you should be well versed on the importance of taking and posting quality pictures of your rental property. As travelers scroll through countless properties on vacation rental sites, the ones they will find most appealing will have the best variety of pictures, including more than the property itself. Photograph attractions and activities guests can do during their stay. If there is a nearby trail that leads hikers to a waterfall, commit to going up there yourself and take pictures along the way. This not only provides guests with visuals of everything a destination has to offer, but they begin picturing, no pun intended, themselves vacationing at your rental. Do more than provide them with a place to sleep; sell them on why your rental is their best option!


Emphasize Destination’s Locality

Since travelers are now craving local experiences, we have harped on how essential it is for hosts to promote what is special about their vacation rental’s locality. If you fail to highlight what your location has to offer, you are doing yourself a disservice. Never expect guests to research a community to learn what is unique about it. That is your job. Post pictures, write about it in your description, and do whatever else it takes to flaunt why your destination is special.


Design an Itinerary

Designing an itinerary is not as big of a burden as it sounds because, as the host, you are already so familiar with the area. Listing popular tourist attractions and the tastiest restaurants in town is all fine and dandy, but it does not provide a new, enticing perspective. Since vacationers now want to live like locals do, ponder how you would spend a free Saturday at your rental before constructing an itinerary. Applying your knowledge has the potential to enhance your guests’ vacation, and is a useful selling tool. Following through with this means you dedicated yourself to executing an extra step other hosts will never attempt.


 Publicize Reviews and Social Media Posts

Reading positive reviews is rewarding because it proves you did your job as a host. On top of affirming your quality work, they are also essential towards driving future business. Guarantee travelers have visibility to glorifying reviews of your property’s destination by posting them atop your page. To complement this tactic, ask past guests if you can include links to their social media postings from their trip. Some of them may work in your favor, such as an Instagram post of that nearby waterfall. If you operate a social media account of your own, update it with pictures of attractions and share past guests’ posts for others to see. Implementing this strategy is useful because you are allowing past guests to sell your property’s destination for you.


Produce Videos

Producing a video of your destination’s superiority will separate you from the competition. Delivering this will impress future guests, and it enables them to envision vacationing in your rental. We understand not everyone is tech savvy enough to go and create a promotional video after reading this blog, which is why we included this to reference to. If guests have this level of exposure to the benefits of your property’s destination, the chances of them booking it significantly increase.


Sell Your Destination’s Value

All travelers are seeking a vacation unlike any other they have ever experienced. Your rental property is in the epicenter of a destination that will forever change their lives, but the only way they will know is if you do your property justice and sell them on how extraordinary it truly is.