Addressing Guests’ Security Concerns

Addressing Guests’ Security Concerns

Securing the Premises

Part of the intrigue for travelers vacationing in a rental in an unfamiliar location is anticipating the unexpected. During their trip, they will immerse themselves in an uncustomary lifestyle, one their host enables them to savor. The good times they share with friends and family evolve into fond memories they will forever cherish. As alluring as the unknown elements are, they can also cause distress. Addressing security concerns for guests during their stay is a necessary measure to put them at ease, and further enables travelers to indulge themselves in everything your rental has to offer!


Solutions for Common Concerns

Modern Innkeeper has identified solutions to squash any worries guests may have about their security, preparing hosts to provide a safe, worry-free environment!



Guests who arrive once the sun has set do not want an ominous, dark greeting. It is not welcoming. It also affects their security, potentially indicating no one is there and increasing the chances of it being targeted by burglars. If you are thinking it costs too much to keep lights on, we have good news for you: technology in 2021 offers cost-effective lighting solutions. Use one of these smart systems to brighten the place up!


Locking the Door

This one seems super obvious, but there is a wrong and a right way to do this. A barrel slide bolt lock does not instill much confidence. Take the extra step to ensure all of your rental’s doors have sturdy locks, and know there are multiple routes you can take. Investing in a keyless lock eliminates your guests having to keep track of a key during their stay and allows you to monitor who is going in and out. At the same time, know there is nothing wrong with a traditional deadbolt lock. In addition to securing your doors, install working locks on your windows, too. Handling both of these illustrates you are looking out for the safety of your guests.



One of the reasons guests appreciate a fireplace is because it adds a cozy element to the property. They look fantastic in pictures, and it is a feature guests look forward to utilizing; however, there are obvious dangers. Preventative measures you can take are leaving instructions for how it works and supplying a fire extinguisher. Explicitly detail how to operate it so guests do not encounter any problems. If they do, that is why you have a fire extinguisher. In case of an emergency, it needs to be easily accessible, so store it somewhere guests will not have any trouble getting to. Include its whereabouts in the rental’s description, maybe with a picture, and in the welcome book.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Odds are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will not be necessary because your guests will adhere to the safety measures you put in place, but accidents do happen. If all else fails, it is important to have this last line of defense, and guests feel less at risk knowing they exist.


Pool Safety

Similar to a fireplace, a pool attracts travelers, but, also like a fireplace, a pool can be hazardous. Protect it with a fence or cover, an act young families will greatly appreciate. Communicate your pool’s rules by detailing them in your property’s description and posting them somewhere on the property itself.


Security Systems

The last action step we will mention may be what reaffirms to your guests you are watching out for them: acquire a security system. Plain and simple, it demonstrates you are doing everything in your power to equip guests with a necessary resource to enjoy a safe vacation, and you are effectively alerting authorities if an unfortunate event were to trigger it.


Safety First

If you check off these boxes, guests will have assurance their host cares about their safety. Going above and beyond relieves guests of any worries and empowers them to enjoy your rental property to the fullest.