Readying Vacation Rental For Busy Seasons

Readying Vacation Rental For Busy Seasons

Springtime Cleaning For Hosts

When spring is in the air we become revitalized. Something about it unearths our motivation to improve our living spaces. We can no longer use cold, short winter days as an excuse to continuously procrastinate making good on our commitments to do things around the house.

As a vacation rental owner, you have the most work to do because you have your own home to worry about plus your rental property you want consistently occupied during the warmer spring and summer months. The latter also requires some, we will call it, more unconventional spring cleaning than your home does. 

The purpose of Modern Innkeeper's springtime cleaning for hosts list is to provide you with a rundown of what is necessary for your vacation property to thrive this season.


Replace Your Linens

The importance of cleaning and changing the linens in your rental’s bedrooms between stays is obvious, but what is easy to forget is how they need to adapt to each season.

Warm, thick sheets are inviting during autumn and winter, but how uncomfortable does that sound April through August?


Guests often utilize vacation to catch up on well-needed rest, and they will not accomplish this if they are sweating bullets for eight hours every night. Be aware of this and elect cooler and thinner options during spring and summer.


Assess Your Sporting Equipment

Depending on where a group of individuals live, some sports and outdoor activities are only feasible during certain times of the year. To these people particular seasons signify a time to indulge in one of their favorite hobbies.

Do not deprive them of this!

Take an inventory of your rental’s sporting equipment to ensure your guests will be able to take advantage of the warmer months. Doing so will give you an edge over the competition!


Plant Colorfully

Plants should be in your vacation rental twelve months a year because they improve the air quality and enhance guests’ wellness, but pay close attention to which plants are in season when springtime and summertime roll around.

Doing so will spruce up your rental’s ambiance!

Click here to learn which plants you can begin growing today.


Update Your Rental’s Pictures Online

Maybe this is not what you expected, but then again, a vacation property is no normal home. You can redecorate it for spring and summer with vibrant colors and seasonal fragrances, but if you do not make travelers aware of all the hard work you have put in for their benefit, then everything above was all for nothing!

If your vacation rental is in a relatively unseasonal place, like Southern California, your property’s decor may not undergo too many alterations season to season. If your vacation rental’s location is in a place where the winters are frigid and summers are on the toastier side, like Montana, then your property’s environment experiences drastic changes.

By keeping your rental’s pictures current on the Internet, the interior and exterior, you are doing yourself a favor by attracting travelers seeking a warm vacation.

Your backyard’s winter wonderland is enticing in December, but come spring and summer, people want to see how your rental looks under the sun!


Traditional Checklist

After you check off all of the items on your host springtime cleaning list, you can address the following:

  • Wipe the blinds

  • Wash the windows

  • Deep clean the carpets

  • Degrease your barbecue

  • Dust light fixtures and countertops

  • Move furniture to vacuum underneath it

  • Clean spaces underneath decorative items

  • Clean the depths of the pantry and other kitchen cabinets

To be certain your place is squeaky clean for spring and summer, give this list a look so you complete every necessary step.


Spring: A Lovely Reminder There is A Lot To Do

When the sun is shining bright and all you want to do is go outside and enjoy it, cleaning your rental may not be the most ideal activity, but it will sure be the most rewarding! You can look forward to a lucrative spring and summer if you dedicate yourself to tidying up your vacation rental so guests can enjoy it to the fullest.