Quality Bathroom Towels: Essential For Your Vacation Rental

Quality Bathroom Towels: Essential For Your Vacation Rental

How to Purchase the Right Bathroom Towels for Guests

Stocking your vacation rental with towels for guests is a must. While they may not be the most exciting amenity, they are one of the most important (just think about how many times you use a towel throughout the day).

Bathroom towels seem to be what guests value most. How did we come to this conclusion? Well, a superhost whose vacation rental is a beach bungalow wrote a blog on towels, and she consistently mentioned bath towels first:

You only become a superhost if you know what guests want. So, Modern Innkeeper is going to follow this superhost’s advice and help you purchase the right bathroom towels for your guests.


Feel it Out

Imagine staying at a vacation rental that has towels with fabric so rough that drying off with them irritates your skin. You wouldn’t want that, and neither would your guests! Floorspace suggests to look for the following when you go towel shopping:

●     Absorbency

●     Softness (or feel)

●     Drying time

●     Stain resistance

●     Durability

Rather than reading the fine print on bathroom towels’ tags, make it easier on yourself and look for Turkish cotton towels. According to Floorspace, they have a solid combination of these attributes.


Color Coordinate

Our new superhost friend says, “White towels are 100% the best color.”

This makes sense for multiple reasons. One, white towels match everything, so, when you want to redecorate, you don’t have to worry about buying new towels because yours already match!

The second reason is bleaching won’t harm them. With so many guests (especially families with kids), stains will happen, and sometimes the only way to get rid of stains is with bleach. Towels that are different colors or have patterns won’t react to bleach how you want them to (in fact, bleach may worsen the stain). Bleaching white towels doesn’t guarantee you’ll get rid of every stain, but it definitely helps, so make sure bleach is part of your cleaning supplies.

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High Quality Doesn’t Mean a High Price

A way to ruin the guest experience is to settle on cheap towels that look and feel, well, cheap. Luckily for you, high quality towels don’t cost an arm and a leg. You can get this 100 percent cotton towel for $20. It’s also fade resistant and machine washable.

If you’re still hesitant to invest in quality towels, remember that you would have to replace cheap towels much sooner than high quality towels.

Plus, don’t you want to do everything you can to enhance the guest experience?


Last, but Certainly Not Least

Fabric, color and quality are three factors to look for when shopping for towels for your guests, but remember these points too:

●     Bathroom towels include more than just bath towels. Your guests will need bath towels to dry off, but what about hand towels? Face towels? Makeup removal towels? Your vacation rental’s bathrooms will need all of these, so look for sets when you’re shopping for new bathroom towels.

●     Make sure you get enough towels. There should be two towels per guest, and make sure they’re the same! Providing one high quality towel and one cheap one not only looks bad in your bathroom, but also looks bad on you.

Providing enough and the right towels for guests enhances the guest experience. They’re basic necessities all of your guests should get to enjoy, so stock your vacation rental’s bathrooms with towels you’d be thankful to have!