Outdoor Furniture Checklist And Suggestions

Outdoor Furniture Checklist And Suggestions

Popular Outdoor Furniture for Vacation Rentals

Summer is in full swing, which means your vacation rental’s outdoor space needs to have designated areas for your guests to soak up the sun and enjoy warm evenings.

Supplying guests with outdoor necessities for the season, like blankets and backyard pizza ovens, should have already been taken care of (if not, click here to learn what your guests desire). Now, it is time you decorate your backyard and/or front yard with popular outdoor furniture so those spaces lure guests outside.

Before decking out your place, it is important to know which pieces are popular in summer 2021, so that is where Modern Innkeeper is going to begin.


Summer’s Hottest Pieces

Similar to interior decorating trends, outdoor decorating trends come and go, so if you have any timber-styled furniture lurking in the depths of your backyard, the time has come to dump it and replace it with the new!


Rocking Chairs

Maybe it is slightly contradicting we just recommended trashing the old in favor of the new, and then proceeded to suggest furnishing your vacation rental with rocking chairs, but it is possible for things to come back in style!

Keep in mind, we are not talking about the rocking chair your grandma sews in (even though it is probably quite comfy). No, we are talking about an outdoor rocking chair that preferably sits two and adds character.

Rocking chairs will most likely never become a go-to spot; however, if done correctly, they serve an important purpose. Positioning them in walkways or on patios right outside of the door gives your vacation rental some added charm.

Another benefit is it is a nice place for antsy kids to wait while their parents ready themselves for another adventure with a local tour guide.



Daybeds are super hot right now, especially in the summer!


But seriously, daybeds empower guests to enter full relaxation mode outside. Other patio furniture may not be conducive to them wanting to lift their feet up or get fully horizontal, but by adding a daybed in the mix, the possibilities are endless!

Another fun feature about daybeds is they convert into alternate versions of themselves, like this one. This gives your guests some freedom as to how they want to arrange their temporary backyard.


C-Shaped Table

C-shaped tables are thriving in the work-from-home era because they are a place to put our portable devices wherever we set up shop. Then once we sign off for the day, those portable devices head back to their chargers and make way for a cocktail!

And why do this inside when you can do it outside?

Your guests will not only thank you for investing in one, but it will enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetics, too.


Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are awesome, but bean bag chairs outside are really awesome.

Guests will love posting up on a cushy bean bag chair posted poolside while sipping a homemade drink of choice, or losing themselves in a novel as they sink into the depths of their new favorite chair.

Or both, simultaneously.

Since they come in so many different colors and styles, it is impossible not to find one that will fit your vacation rental’s theme.


Cushioned Swing Chair

This one definitely depends on what your setup is looking like, but if you can pull it off, a cushioned swing chair is a must-have item!

Attach it to an overhang and position it so guests will see your outdoor space at its best angle. This way, they can incorporate it in their morning routine while they drink their coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is your vacation property.


Serving Bar Cart

If most of your guests consist of young families, a serving bar cart may not be essential, but if you know your guests have come to stay hydrated in more ways than one, do them a solid!

This particular bar cart has a built-in ice bucket and enough room for:

●     Wine glasses

●     Bottles

●     Pitcher

●     Towels

●     Appetizers

Imagine lounging in a vacation rental’s deluxe backyard and a bar cart rolls around carrying your favorite adult beverage.

Might as well be heaven.


Honorable Mentions/Checklist Items

The items above are ones that have recently gained some traction among the backyard decorating community (we are making that a thing), so it is understandable if you do not have them yet.

These ones, however, are pieces you should already have:

●     Outdoor dining table and chairs

●     Patio furniture set

●     Lounge chairs

●     Hammock

●     Firepit set

Whether you feel inspired after reading this or are thinking to yourself “Oh no, I need to work on my backyard,” get to it while it is still summer!