Outdoor Equipment To Provide Guests

Outdoor Equipment To Provide Guests

Help Guests Make Outdoorsy Vacation Ideas a Reality

As the country begins to warm up, more travelers will be looking for destinations where they can enjoy their outdoorsy vacation ideas. Making the necessary equipment and supplies available can make your rental more attractive to those who want to spend their trip outside.

Modern Innkeeper listed some essentials to keep at your vacation rental so your guests can look forward to enjoying the great outdoors during their vacation.



Since camping and hiking are two of the best ways to experience the great outdoors, both should be easy for your guests to enjoy. Whichever they decide to do (it could be both), you need to make sure your vacation rental has the necessities:

●     Accurate list of campsites and regulations

●     Flashlight with extra batteries

●     First aid/survival kit

●     Insect repellent

●     Tent

Providing everything is unrealistic, but having some of the essentials can get your guests off to a great start and inspire them to get in touch with nature. To see what other items that may be worth purchasing, check out the checklist Eureka! made.



Your guests may want to cycle for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s to work out, be outside and enjoy the nice weather, or to get to town for some local flare. They can do all of these with a bicycle, however, getting a bicycle for every instance isn’t necessary.

What is necessary is knowing what type of cycling your guests will want to do during their stay (this is part of knowing who your guests are and why they chose your vacation rental’s destination). For example, if the nearest town is 10 miles away, a cruiser doesn’t suit your vacation rental, but if the beach is only a few blocks away, then it’s a perfect fit.

Five different types that may help your guests further enjoy themselves during their stay are:

●     Cruiser bikes

●     Touring bikes

●     Fitness bikes

●     Mountain bikes

●     Tandem bikes

You can learn more about them here.


Paddle Sports

Even if your guests live near a body of water, it’s likely they don’t all have access to it. That’s why being able to make the water accessible, if it’s close to your vacation rental, can make vacationing at your property more attractive. Luckily for you, providing guests with a boat to use isn’t your only option. Instead, you can get them paddle sports equipment:

●     Canoes

●     Kayaks

●     SUPs

●     Rafts

The concern of, “Where am I going to put these?” may not actually be something you have to worry about. Inflatable options like the ones on Green Water Sports are easy to store and use for your guests.

Your guests being able to enjoy an activity they may not be able to at home can be what ultimately leads to them choosing your vacation rental over others.


Help Your Guests Enjoy Outside

Aside from these activities, you can provide guests with equipment to play other outdoor sports, such as golf, tennis or a few baseball gloves to play catch with. No matter what you decide to offer, ensure your vacation rental’s description and photos include the equipment available. Doing so could help keep your calendar full, and if your guests enjoy themselves, maybe they’ll be back at the same time the following year.