Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Flores Aurantii

Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Flores Aurantii

Life and Nature in Vacation Amenities

Fragranced items can help you earn repeat business. The goal is when guests smell a fragrance from your vacation rental after their stay, they reminisce on the time spent there. Items like candles and diffusers can do the job, but necessities like vacation amenities having a distinct fragrance can also help your vacation rental remain top of mind.

Flores Aurantii, one of Modern Innkeeper’s newest amenity collections, represents life and gifts from mother nature, including a fresh, nature-inspired smell. Giving your guests a chance to enjoy Flores Aurantii can lead to them thinking about your vacation rental every time they’re around nature’s beauty.


Enhancing Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Experience with Flores Aurantii

Nature provides us with beautiful visuals. But its beauty goes beyond what we see. Mother nature’s touch and scent can impact our overall wellness. When you help guests receive these benefits, you enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.



Flores Aurantii translates to orange flowers. We named our amenity collection this because, like orange flowers, these vacation amenities make a statement. Orange represents warmth and comfort and is a combination of yellow’s happiness and red’s energy.

Orange blossom’s sweet and vegetal notes will awaken your guests' senses. Flores Aurantii can warm up your guests just like a fireplace would on a chilly winter evening.


Royal Scent

France’s King Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, was passionate about perfumes but suffered from severe headaches. Fortunately for him, he could still enjoy the orange blossom’s sweet and soothing scent. King Louis XIV would add the orange blossom to his drink, helping make its scent known as one of royalty.


Mother Nature

Mother nature’s beauty runs deep. So deep that what our eyes see doesn't paint the entire picture. Smelling flowers, feeling sunshine warm our skin and hearing birds chirp are other ways to experience its beauty. And now, so is supplying guests with the Flores Aurantii collection. Each amenity allows guests to connect with mother nature. Flores Aurantii’s orange flower will touch them during their travels and serve as a reminder of how wonderful the natural world is.


Order Flores Aurantii to enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.


Flores Aurantii Facial Soap

Guests can feel mother nature before unwrapping Flores Aurantii Facial Soap. The readable label and colored background give this vacation amenity an earthy, natural feel. A light and elegant orange floral scent welcomes guests when they open it—letting them know they chose the right vacation rental.

Each bar is 60g and comes in a case of 200, making this facial soap ideal for luxury stays longer than a week.

Flores Aurantii Body Lotion, Conditioner, Body Wash and Shampoo

Guests immersing themselves in Flores Aurantii’s refreshing and floral formulation is possible with:

●     Flores Aurantii Body Lotion

●     Flores Aurantii Conditioner

●     Flores Aurantii Body Wash

●     Flores Aurantii Shampoo

Like Flores Aurantii Facial Soap, guests can feel mother nature before using these four vacation amenities thanks to their dark green bottles. Each bottle is 80ml and comes in a case of 100, also making them a terrific fit for luxury stays that go for a week or more.

Order Flores Aurantii to enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.