Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Eco Sabbatico

Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Eco Sabbatico

Provide Guests Energizing Vacation Amenities

Guests want to feel energized during their stay at your vacation rental. Creating an environment that satisfies this need is possible by providing the right vacation amenities.

Inspiration for one of Modern Innkeeper's newest amenity collections Eco Sabbatico came from the concept of a sabbatical. Seeing sights and hearing sounds of the travel environment can energize guests. Eco Sabbatico’s natural lights, nature scenery and colors of adventure are how this amenity collection helps make their stay one they’ll remember forever.


How Eco Sabbatico Amenities Enhance Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Experience

Helping guests take care of their hygiene is Eco Sabbatico’s obvious benefit. What makes Eco Sabbatico unique is how it enhances your vacation rental’s guest experience by helping guests feel energized.

Modern Innkeeper wants hosts like you to have access to an amenity collection that can take your vacation rental to the next level. An amenity collection like Eco Sabbatico has the power to energize guests because of its foundation.


Symbolizes Strength

A juniper tree’s strength is its ability to survive in harsh and bare climates. It grows out of rocks and is found in environments with minimal water. What a juniper tree can overcome is why Eco Sabbatico has a juniper fragrance. This fragrance can inspire guests to find their inner strength and determination to accomplish what they set out to.

No matter how far they are from home.


Nurtured by Nature

Nature is powerful enough to improve our emotional state. It also has physical health benefits, such as reducing:

●     Blood pressure

●     Heart rate

●     Muscle tension

●     The production of stress hormones

Eco Sabbatico has scents of nature to help improve your guests’ wellness.


Protection and New Beginnings

Beginner and seasoned gardeners can appreciate a juniper tree because it stands for protection and new beginnings. A juniper tree is an excellent housewarming gift for someone who moved to a new environment, which is where your guests will find themselves. Eco Sabbatico embraces new beginnings and lets your guests know they can feel safe in their temporary home.

Eco Sabbatico Facial Soap

Eco Sabbatico Facial Soap, case of 300, is a 40g soap bar with a cool and energizing formulation. It comes in easy-to-open wrapping and has clean packaging made for vacation rentals. The label makes it easy for guests to read the ingredients and because of the label’s background color, guests can feel the energy of nature and adventure.


Eco Sabbatico Body Lotion, Conditioner, Body Wash and Shampoo

Guests can feel Eco Sabbatico’s cool and energizing formulation by applying:

●     Eco Sabbatico Body Lotion

●     Eco Sabbatico Conditioner

●     Eco Sabbatico Body Wash

●     Eco Sabbatico Shampoo

Each juniper-tree-fragranced amenity comes in a case of 300. They’re in 40ml white bottles to reflect the cleanliness of hospitality and match multiple interiors. Whether you have a Western-styled ranch, modern apartment or another type of vacation rental, Eco Sabbatico will look right at home.

The color of the packaging’s text reflects nature and adventure. Every time they apply one of these amenities, they’ll feel the energy your vacation rental is providing and be ready for the adventure that lies ahead.