Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Amity Essentials

Modern Innkeeper Collection Showcase: Amity Essentials

Vacation Amenities Your Guests Need

The little things can make or break your vacation rental. Guests know the difference between a host who pays attention to the details versus one who does the bare minimum.

Modern Innkeeper kept this in mind when making Amity Essentials, our newest vacation amenities.

Four hospitality principles inspired Amity Essentials: harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. The collection follows the respectful relationship between you, your guests and the travel environment. Amity Essentials’ impact on your vacation rental is significant enough that it can inspire guest loyalty.


How Amity Essentials Enhance Your Vacation Rental’s Guest Experience

Vacation amenities help guests take care of their hygiene.

Five-star quality vacation amenities like Amity Essentials enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.

This motivated Modern Innkeeper to develop a collection that can help you “wow” your guests. Every aspect of Amity Essentials, like its packaging and scent, makes it a tool you can use to become a better host.


Symbolizes Hospitality

Amity Essentials’ green tea fragrance complements everything the collection stands for. Many cultures serve guests tea as a symbol of hospitality. A tea ceremony is a time guests can enjoy their host’s hospitality in an atmosphere distinctly different from everyday life’s fast pace.


Creates a Meaningful Experience

A tea ceremony is about sharing time with one another and demonstrates respect. It encourages host and guests to discover the hidden meaning of objects, art, spirit, fellowship and nature; ultimately, helping them find peace and harmony.


Forms Memories and Tradition

Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility inspired Amity Essentials because a host should experience each with guests. Guests will form memories that will never happen again, which is why they should cherish them in the moment, similar to how they would during a tea ceremony.

Here are the amenities Amity Essentials features that can enhance your vacation rental’s guest experience.

Amenity Kits

The inspiration for Amenity Kits, eight per case, comes from the luxury spa. Essential, travel-sized toiletries for one to two guests include shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash all in 40ml tube bottles, soap, cotton swabs and two pre-pasted toothbrushes. Amenity Kits are a simple, clean, convenient and five-star quality bathroom amenities solution your guests will love!

Inspired by the Luxury Spa

Simple, clean, convenient and five-star quality bathroom amenities solution your guests will love!

Amity Essentials Facial Soap

Amity Essentials Facial Soap, case of 300, features refreshing and light formulation in easy-to-open wrapping. Its green tea fragrance embraces Amity Essentials’ hospitality symbolism. Amity Essentials Facial Soap also embodies peace and harmony among your guests.


Amity Essentials Vanity Kit

Amity Essentials Vanity Kit, case of 500, features 2 cotton pads, 4 cotton buds and a 6cm nail file in a white paper box that reflects the cleanliness of hospitality. The packaging’s dark accents reflect the colors of nature at night. This was done on purpose to ensure the collection complements a wide range of rental styles and interior decor.

Amity Essentials Body Lotion, Conditioner, Body Wash and Shampoo

Each Amity Essentials case includes 300 40ml tube bottles of:

●     Amity Essentials Body Lotion

●     Amity Essentials Conditioner

●     Amity Essentials Body Wash

●     Amity Essentials Shampoo

The tube bottles are white to help your guests appreciate your vacation rental’s cleanliness, helping them feel good about their decision to stay there. All four have the green tea fragrance, which, like a tea ceremony, will help guests relish each moment on vacation and recognize it will never happen again.

Stocking your vacation rental with Amity Essentials can help turn your property into the wellness center guests need.