Making Your Guests’ Bed

Making Your Guests’ Bed

The Anatomy of the Perfect Bed Set


Whether you like it or not, guests judge you on how the beds in your vacation rental are made.

Unfluffed pillows convey someone was recently using them. Talk about unwelcoming. 

Not enough pillows cancel out the homey vibe you attempted to create, or demonstrate you lack the ability to properly decorate your rental’s interior.

Too many pillows may make you look a little crazy.

Faded sheets tell guests you simply do not care.

So how do you get it right? 

Modern Innkeeper will teach you how to ensure your guests have the perfect bed set that proves you care about them getting a good night’s sleep!


What Does the Ideal Bed Set Entail?

Guests’ visual observations form their initial perception of the bed set you supply them, followed by how cozy it is. The tips below check off both boxes, solidifying your guests’ approval of your interior decorating and guaranteeing they experience the rest and relaxation they were seeking.



Measure your bed before shopping for sheets because guests may hold purchasing the wrong-sized ones against you. You would not want to see a mattress popping off its sheets at a vacation rental you are staying at, and neither do your guests. 

Choosing the right color is a key step in this process, too. 74 percent of vacation rental owners elect white sheets, according to this article, but consider if other colors will complement the rest of your property. 

Read this blog to determine what certain colors represent when it comes to decorating.



Pillows make or break a good night’s sleep. To make your life a little more difficult, not all of your guests will have the same preference when it comes to the perfect pillow. This is why you need to supply them with different options: one feather pillow and one polly pillow.

Remember this: a good night’s sleep is not the only purpose of a pillow. Its impact on the decor is just as important. Utilize pillow shams for standard pillows to enhance the bed set’s aesthetics, and do not be afraid to include some throw pillows!



A comforter has the ability to set the mood of your guests’ temporary bed set. You must constantly pay attention to it because what is appropriate versus what is not depends on the season. 

For the colder months, you want your guests to look at it and say, “Oh wow, we will have no problem staying warm at night,” but you cannot have them be thinking this during the warmer months! 

Instead, you want them to look at it and feel confident they will not be suffocating while trying to get some quality sleep.

For more examples of how you can adapt your comforters to the season, check out this piece.


Throw Blanket

Adding throw blankets to your rental’s bed sets is a tasteful finishing touch, especially with a king-sized bed! Throw blankets assist in making larger beds appear more proportional, and, of course, provide you with an additional opportunity to beautify your vacation property!


Making Your Bed Can Change the World

There are a bunch of steps in between making your bed and changing the world, but hey, you have to start somewhere! Your guests will love you for taking the time to construct a visually-pleasing bed that invites them in for a great night’s sleep after a long day of exploring a new travel destination. Maybe your bed set will look so nice made, your guests will make it every morning and develop a new lifelong habit!