Make Guests Scream This Halloween

Make Guests Scream This Halloween

Halloween Necessities for Your Vacation Rental

As a host in the hospitality industry, actually making guests scream is not the wisest move, but you do want to make sure they feel the Halloween spirit.

The pandemic ruined Halloween last year, and since it is more likely than not your guests have children, Halloween 2021 will be highly anticipated! Even if guests won’t be at your property Halloween night (falls on a Sunday), you can still create a spooky atmosphere by equipping them and your rental with the Halloween necessities.

Provide the following recommendations so your guests get the Halloween redemption they deserve.



Modern Innkeeper almost left candy off the list because of how obvious it is, but our vacation-rental-host spin makes it worthy of mentioning.

Purchasing a big bag of an assortment of your usual suspects (Butterfinger, Snickers, etc.) will give your guests something to hand out to trick-or-treaters, but more importantly, to enjoy. There is at least one brand in those bags that even the I-don’t-really-like-candy people have a sweet tooth for.

If you don’t get around to that, make it a point to leave them some sweets from a local candy shop. Whether it be chocolate or fruity candy, preferably both, leave just enough samples to make them want more. That way, you will earn the local candy shop owner some business.

Guests love treats even when it is not Halloween, so do not deprive them of these goodies during the time of year when stuffing our faces with them is acceptable.

Which can be quite tiring, and is why having the next item comes in handy.



Guests with super young children are likely to travel with a stroller, but as Halloween night drags on, those who were once deemed too old for a stroller suddenly find themselves needing it again.

Walking around a new neighborhood eating candy can cause one’s legs to give out quite easily, which leads to crankiness and ruins the night for everybody.

Leave your paying guests a stroller or wagon so they can lug their kids around and avoid dealing with a tantrum.

Speaking of walking around a new neighborhood, do guests a solid by helping them get around it at night.



Smartphones have navigation and built-in flashlights, but what if guests don’t get service or their phones die while lost in the neighborhood?

They will be fine because you left them a flashlight!

Just remember to put in new batteries.



What better way to ensure guests embrace the Halloween spirit than by decorating your property?

Having the following will let guests know they’re doing scary right:

●     Pumpkins

●     Spiderwebs

●     Brooms

●     Skeletons

●     “Boo” signs

●     Black and orange wreath

●     Halloween doormats

●     Cauldrons

Since the research shows most guests have children, the majority will appreciate the decor, but at the end of the day, you know your guests.

If they consist of, let’s say, honeymooners, focus on romantic, not spooky.


Haunted Houses

Setting up a haunted house in your vacation rental would cement you as the best host ever, but making guests aware of where there is a haunted house to go to, in addition to all the other amazing things you do, will earn you the same status.

If you know of any in the area, like one in the neighborhood or in town, let them know so they can enjoy a frightening outing with the family.

But don’t let the night end there.


Scary Movies

Watching scary movies around Halloween time is a must, and your guests should have no problem doing this because you have the coziest at-home movie setup for snuggling and screaming at something not that scary.

With all of the available streaming platforms, there will be plenty of options. Just confirm yours has them for both adults and their children.



It doesn’t have to be October 31st to celebrate the year’s scariest day. Prepare your vacation rental in advance to be certain your guests have such a memorable Halloween they forget about the disappointment of last year’s.