Make Breakfast For Guests Exciting

Make Breakfast For Guests Exciting

Do Guests Want Breakfast on Vacation?

Close to 80 percent of travelers who took part in Hilton’s breakfast preference survey said they feel more productive when they eat breakfast versus when they do not.

Another important number from the same survey is 73 percent of travelers consider “unexpected food costs” a burden.

By helping your guests avoid this additional expense, you are freeing them up to put money towards other parts of their trip, effectively enhancing the guest experience.

But breakfast on vacation does not have to feel like a chore. Depending on the supplies you provide, it can actually be quite enjoyable.


5 Fun Breakfast Items

Making sure guests get their caffeine fix is a must, as well as supplying them with the ingredients they need for fun and healthy breakfast recipes, but you need kitchen items that will make them excited about cooking breakfast.


Seven-Pancake Pan

For as great as homemade pancakes are, cooking them for a big group can be a slow process. Making more than one at the same time may be difficult, and since your guests could consist of families with young children, this could be a problem.

Fortunately, a pan that makes seven pancakes at once exists!

Now everyone can eat their pancakes together.


Waffle Iron

Using a waffle iron is so fun that even your guests’ children will want to help cook breakfast.

Just be certain you stock up on enough batter before they arrive because with how good these turn out, you can expect your guests to eat a lot of waffles during their stay.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Something that would help your vacation rental’s kitchen stand out is if it had a breakfast sandwich maker. This contraption has multiple parts, so guests can include whatever ingredients they want and have themselves a breakfast sandwich in just five minutes.

All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, too, so you do not have to worry about asking your guests to clean it themselves.


The Perfect Bacon Bowl

Just when you thought eating bacon could not get any more fun, The Perfect Bacon Bowl introduces itself. This product takes “everything tastes better with bacon” quite literally, and it provides guests with a fun new way to eat their breakfast.


2-Slot Impression Toaster

Nothing will get your guests’ morning going better than eating toast with messages like “Get In Mah Belly” and “I Woke Up Like This” on it, which is possible thanks to the 2-Slot Impression Toaster.

Your guests’ children may not see the purpose of eating toast with a motivational message, but luckily for them, they have the option to put a unicorn on theirs.

Now everyone can eat their toast the way they like it.


A Fun Breakfast Equals a More Fun Vacation

Whether your guests are in vacation mode or on a workcation, eating breakfast is the best way to start their day. Help them make it more fun by adding a couple of these breakfast items to your vacation rental’s kitchen.

Doing so will enhance your one-of-a-kind guest experience.