Local Guides To Provide Guests

Local Guides To Provide Guests

How to Find a Local Guide For Guests

When travelers visit new places they want to immerse themselves in their culture and gain an understanding of the customs, history, and more. In other words, they seek to embrace the locality. There are plenty of steps you can take as a host to ensure your guests are aware of what your rental’s surrounding area has to offer. A sufficient way to do this is to recommend who they can turn to for valuable insight: a local guide. If you live in the area, maybe you can wear this hat and show them around, but if that is not a role you want to play, continue reading to learn how to find a local guide for your guests!


The Internet

Similar to how we answer all of our other questions, you can find how to provide your guests with a local guide by exploring the Internet. There is quite an array of different websites to choose from, but Modern Innkeeper identified five to focus on.



An attractive component of GuruWalk is that all of its tour guides are free of charge! Now, it is appropriate for guests to tip their respective tour guides, so be sure to make that clear. Also be certain GuruWalk has tour guides in your city, as it operates in only 13 across the United States.


Tours by Locals

If your guests are seeking a personalized yet extensive tour of your rental’s locality, Tours by Locals is for them. They have the option to tag along to an existing tour or search for a guide to show them around. Conducive to the pandemic, it also offers live virtual tours. This is a terrific alternative for guests who are hesitant to expose themselves to others but still want to enjoy a new experience.



Showaround is incredibly user-friendly because it displays guides in various cities, including their rates, on the homepage. Testimonials confirm their quality of work and detail what the excursions included. This last point is beneficial because it assists guests in narrowing down who is the right guide for the type of tour they have in mind.


Spotted by Locals

Unlike its counterparts, Spotted by Locals is a platform of tour guides utilized to blog about their cities and does not provide an actual tour guide. This perspective is valuable to travelers because it makes them privy to knowledge they typically would not have from other tourist-based resources. Since it does not actually include physical tours, it is a great choice for guests exercising precaution when it comes to COVID-19.



Last but certainly not least, there is the industry’s leader in tours. With over 1,300 destinations all across the globe, Viator consolidates a plethora of information to enhance a vacation. Some of what guests will find on it are:

  • Top destinations

  • Top tours

  • Warm destinations

  • Things to do in popular cities

Guests can refer to Viator for much more than only finding a tour guide!


Show Them the Way

For a list of more websites that will find your guests a tour guide, check out this link. Your host duties do not stop at preparing a pristine vacation property for guests to enjoy. Go above and beyond to guarantee they savor the entire experience!