Keep Your Guests' Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Keep Your Guests' Clothes Wrinkle-Free

4 of the Best Irons and Ironing Boards For Guests

Now that the country has almost fully reopened, the amount of people traveling is increasing. This is a positive trend, as it directly supports our shared industry, and it means our world is safer now than it was just a short time ago!

During the pandemic’s harshest months, dressing up and going out for a night on the town was out of the question.

In fact, countless people have not been able to do this for well over a year.

Well, guess what?

The wait is over!

Bars, restaurants and other places to socialize are back in business, and people want to be part of the fun!

Your guests may fall under this category, and if they do, they will want to look fashionable in their return to the outside world.

Since their suitcases may wrinkle their evening attire en route to your vacation rental, they need a solution so they can still wear that dapper outfit that has been stuck in their closet for close to a year in a half.

For crying out loud, they haven’t worn anything but sweats since early 2020!

Continue reading to learn about the best irons and ironing boards you can provide guests so they look snazzy when they are out and about in your vacation rental’s city.


Panasonic Cordless Contoured Stainless Steel Soleplate

We are just going to put this out there: ironing on vacation is not ideal.

Guests do not want to be doing chores that remind them of what they do at home, but hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Panasonic Cordless Contoured Stainless Steel Soleplate (which will be “the Panasonic iron” from this point on) lessens the burden. It being cordless is an advantage because it is less cumbersome to use, plus it possesses the following benefits:

●     Vertical steam feature effectively irons hanging garments

●     Electronic temperature controls on handle make it easy to set temperatures for a wide variety of fabrics

●     Stainless-steel plate quickly removes creases and wrinkles

Straightforward to use and effective, the Panasonic iron is a practical option for your vacation rental.

Purchase it for $84.95 on Amazon.


Maytag M400 Steam Iron

Besides this iron’s name resembling a spaceship, the Maytag M400 Steam Iron is an awesome product.

“An iron is an ‘awesome product?’”

Yes, and here is why:

●     Reaches highest temperature in less than a minute

●     Requires three seconds for steam to regenerate anti-wrinkle spray

●     Steams hanging garments with its vertical steam function

●     Possesses a precision thermostat to indicate which temperature is appropriate for various types of fabric

●     Cleans itself

Modern Innkeeper doubts you often contemplate what qualities you would want your ideal iron to have, but if you did, we imagine they include all of the above.

This might be the best part: it is only $34.50.


Homz T-Leg Steel Ironing Board

An ironing board serves as a flat surface to iron clothes on.

This is its only function; therefore, a super deluxe one is not necessary, especially since not every group of travelers staying at your vacation rental will use it (sorry to break the news).

Something simple that gets the job done is all your vacation rental needs, and that is exactly what the Homz T-Leg Steel Ironing Board is. The patented leg lock makes certain the ironing experience remains intact and transports easily.

On top of providing a flat surface to iron clothes on.

Boom. Easy enough. Buy one for your vacation rental for $84.74 on Amazon.


Magnetic Ironing Mat

Definitely the most versatile ironing mat you will ever come across, the Magnetic Ironing Mat is a foldable flat surface you can lay out anywhere and everywhere.

It includes a slip-resistant area to safely rest an iron on, so guests do not have to worry about designating a separate space for it.

This option is convenient for vacation rentals with limited storage space, so if yours is struggling to fit more amenities, order the Magnetic Ironing Mat for only $9.99!


When Guests Look Good, They Leave Good Reviews

There is no hard evidence to support this header’s claim. However, it is true the more perks you load up your vacation rental with, the more you enhance the guest experience!

Equip it with both an iron and ironing board so guests can look and feel snappy during their visit!