Is Your Vacation Rental Ready For The Fourth Of July?

Is Your Vacation Rental Ready For The Fourth Of July?

Celebrating July 4th At Your Rental

Approximately two million-plus people will fly around the country to celebrate July 4th.

An additional 36.8 million road trips will occur over the same holiday weekend, a sign the traveling by car trend is still going strong.

These numbers qualify the July 4th, 2021 weekend as the busiest travel weekend since the beginning of the pandemic, but you probably already know this, since a group of travelers most likely booked your rental property well in advance to ring in America’s 245th birthday!

That would sound old, until you learn England became a country in 927 AD.

But Modern Innkeeper does not teach history.

Modern Innkeeper is here to ensure celebrating July 4th at your vacation rental goes down as one of the best birthday bashes America has ever had!

After all, how many times do you turn 245?



If you do not properly decorate, your vacation rental will have zero holiday spirit, and that will make it nearly impossible for guests to embrace July 4th and everything it encompasses: America!

With no red, white, and blue sprinkled around your property, it might as well just be any other weekend.

So fire up your inner patriot and decorate your rental with items like:

●     American flag wreaths

●     Little American flags in the yard

●     Red, white, and blue candles (candles are hot right now!)

●     Red, white, and blue table items, such as placemats, plates, etc.

In short, any normal household item with an American flag on it works.



After determining how you can safely set up a barbecue, triple check it to be certain it is ready for all the burgers and hot dogs it can handle! Check on the following to ensure guests will not have to worry about a thing when it is time to feast:

●     Propane tank/gas hook up

●     Utensils

●     Oven mitts

●     Nonstick spray

●     Meat thermometer

●     Lighter and lighter fluid

More than 50 percent of Americans grill on Independence Day.

If you have the space, do not deprive your guests of this American tradition.



HUGE disclaimer here: do not provide your guests with fireworks.

No, no, no, no.

Instead, inform your guests of the best places where they can watch fireworks from.

Is it from the backyard?

Is there a nearby park where they can lay out a blanket and enjoy the show?

Wherever the best vantage point is, let your guests know in the description, and if you can, provide them with some pictures!

This will enable them to envision watching fireworks from that very spot, which means they would be envisioning staying at your rental!


House Rules

Since safety was just mentioned, it is important to remind guests your vacation rental still has rules. Unfortunately, people can go overboard while celebrating a holiday, so you have to reinforce that you expect them to respect your property, just like all the other weekends of the year.

A sufficient way to do this is by leaving a list of the house rules by the letter you write them.


Festive Foods

An array of tasty treats is the ultimate greeting, which is why providing guests with July 4th goodies is a terrific way to start off their holiday weekend!

Stock your kitchen with:

●     Chips

●     Fruit salad

●     Vegetable platter

●     Ketchup

●     Mustard

●     Hamburger patties

●     Hot dogs

●     Hamburger and hot dog buns

If you want to go above and beyond, attempt to make one of these dishes guests can indulge in immediately.


Double Check Security System

One of the not-so-fun-things you have to think about during this time of year is how crime increases. Some members of society apparently see it as a time to take advantage of others who are celebrating what we wish was a good day for everybody.

But that is why you have already done your due diligence when it comes to your vacation rental’s security (if you have not, click here).

Go through these security measures again to ensure everything is properly working, such as checking on your security system and making sure all of the lights work.

Since this is a worry for some people, make your guests aware you did this before they arrive.

Also make it abundantly clear you are available to help if they have any further concerns.

Their safety is in your hands, so take it seriously.


Everyone Deserves a Party on America’s Birthday

The fact your guests chose to celebrate July 4th at your vacation rental proves you have an enticing property, and you did it justice by crafting a quality listing.

Keep meeting their expectations by going all out for America’s 245th!