Inspiration for Do-It-Yourself Vacation Rental Design Ideas

Inspiration for Do-It-Yourself Vacation Rental Design Ideas

These days style changes frequently. Keeping your vacation rental current means redecorating every three to four years. Hiring a professional interior decorator, paying workers and other costs can get expensive, but there’s a cost-effective way to design your vacation rental.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are fun and can give your vacation rental the host’s touch it needs for guests to book another stay. And with a resource like Home Depot, DIY projects can include experts’ creative perspectives to help enhance the guest experience.

Home Depot transformed a Vrbo property into a spectacular vacation rental using its brands Home Decorators Collection, StyleWell and The Company Store. Our Faux Farmhouse, Pennies For A Fortune and Our Nest on Powell, all influencers, helped Home Depot make this property become a desirable vacation rental.

The Berkshires Home Makeover and the influencers behind it can inspire your property’s fresh look for 2023 and beyond.

Modern Innkeeper picked what elements stood out most from the new and improved living room, bedrooms and kitchen to help you know how to nail (no pun intended) your next DIY project.

Living Room

Holly and Brad Lauritzen, the couple behind Our Faux Farmhouse, designed the vacation rental’s living room. They succeeded in creating a room “where classic meets casual.

Holly and Brad used a lot of white, a popular color in hospitality. White will help this vacation rental feel cleaner and more spacious. They also included fake plants available at Home Depot. Real plants are preferable because they improve air quality and guest wellness, but the ones Holly and Brad chose support the room’s casual feel. These plants can relax guests, even if they’re just for show.


Fariha Nasir is the brains behind Pennies For A Fortune. Home Depot brought her aboard to help design three of the property’s bedrooms.

The secondary bedroom Fariha designed utilizes patterns. She used wallpaper with patterns to complement the furniture and other decorative pieces with patterns. Patterns aren’t necessary, but redecorating with a theme is! A bedroom with a theme can help guests remember and embrace your vacation rental (include a scent, too).

The twin bedroom is an example of a vacation rental using space as an advantage. Fariha’s expertise showed a bedroom can sleep multiple guests comfortably and be nicely decorated. Both beds have identical bed sets, important for making a quality first impression, and the room has a timeless look.

Fariha also had the honor of designing the bedroom with a balcony view. It overlooks the property, which inspired the earthy tones and “warm neutrals.” This bedroom is another example of how Fariha stuck with a theme–one that goes beyond the interior. By keeping this bedroom earthy and warm, Fariha found a way to tie in the property’s nature inside the vacation rental, helping to create a vibe guests will want to experience again!


A 4,000-square-foot vacation rental has room for two kitchens. Danielle Guerrero, who’s behind Our Nest on Powell, got her hands on the property’s morning kitchen.

How guests would use the morning kitchen inspired the look. Danielle created a space inviting for guests who want to drink coffee and read. The two armchairs and coffee maker make both possible, plus it offers guests an escape from any madness going on in the primary kitchen. Like her colleagues Holly and Brad, Danielle also included fake plants on the walls, near the sink and on shelves.

Chances are, your vacation rental has one kitchen. You can redecorate yours in a way that will motivate guests to utilize it. Whether that’s baking, enjoying a glass of wine or whatever else, go with a design that complements your kitchen’s primary use.

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