Improving Your Management Skills Can Fill Up Your Calendar

Improving Your Management Skills Can Fill Up Your Calendar

5 Hosting Tips That Could Attract Group Business

Companies are booking corporate retreats at vacation rentals instead of hotels, as you may already know. One reason for this trend is because the guest experience at vacation rentals is becoming preferable.

This change in traveler behavior can grow your business, but company bookings aren’t going to just fall in your lap. You must prove your vacation rental can host a company retreat or group business trip.

Ironically enough, Social Tables listed eight ways hotels are attracting group business by improving their management skills. Modern Innkeeper identified five hosting tips from the list that can help you fill up your calendar with more company-guests.


The Power of Social Media

We may think it’s only the younger generations spending time on social media, but companies are quite present on various social media platforms. Over 50 million small businesses use Facebook Pages, and 71 percent of small-to-mid-sized businesses market themselves on social media.

And now these companies are potential guests!

Post regularly on social media platforms so companies know your vacation rental can accommodate them. This includes sharing updates of your new amenities, pictures of your vacation rental’s workstation and more.

Social media presents you many opportunities. It’s up to you to take advantage of them!


Be Photogenic

It’s okay if you’re not photogenic every day. Just make sure your vacation rental is!

Photographs of your vacation rental can end up in multiple places: social media, your listing, messages your guests send to their friends, etc.

And the reality is companies that see these photographs form their perceptions of your vacation rental on them.

Take pride and pay attention to the photographs you share because they could either drive business or drive away business. Here’s proof on the impact quality pictures can have.


Share Past Guests’ Experiences

One of the most effective ways to prove your vacation rental can host a company’s employees is to show you’ve successfully hosted another company’s employees.

Social Tables recommends reaching out to past guests and asking if they’re willing to discuss their experience on your website or listing. This isn’t feasible for everyone, but showing off your reviews is!

Share reviews from past guests so companies know they’d be making the right decision if they  book your place. Good reviews can have the snowball effect. A good review can lead to another booking, and that booking can lead to another good review, which can….

You get the idea.


Embrace Your Rental’s Locality

It’s no secret guests want to embrace your vacation rental’s locality, and that includes company-guests!

Fun company dinners are where employees can build camaraderie. Help companies help their employees bond by recommending a fun, local restaurant you know will be a good time.

Also consider activities exclusive to your vacation rental’s area. Maybe Friday becomes a half day and the boss says everyone can go do something fun. You’re the local expert, so let your company-guest know where employees will enjoy themselves the most.

The better your local recommendations are, the more you can enhance guest experience.


Give Guests a Reason to Stay Longer

Helping companies realize they don’t have to be at your vacation rental just to work can lead to all sorts of possibilities, including increasing your revenue.

With remote work and more work flexibility, people are turning their business trips into vacations (something we call bleisure).

Let your company-guests know they can stay and enjoy what your vacation rental has to offer beyond its workstations and employee accommodations. You might help employees strengthen their bond, something companies will appreciate you for and see as a reason to come back.

Following these hosting tips can open up your vacation rental to a new audience and grow your business!


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