How Hosts Can Use Space As Advantage Over Hotels

How Hosts Can Use Space As Advantage Over Hotels

Spacing Out

As vacation rentals continue to disrupt the hotel industry, travelers and hosts are constantly identifying more benefits of the former. Privacy, a desired element that is absent at a hotel, can be found on a one-acre rental property. While vacationing, families can enjoy home-cooked meals if they stay at rentals with fully equipped kitchens. But the pros do not stop here. Modern Innkeeper wants you to be aware of how vacation rental hosts can use space as an advantage over hotels.


Publicize Privacy

Traveling sometimes comes with sacrifices, such as not being able to execute your desired routine every morning because you are sharing a confined space with several others. Or maybe you want to read by the pool after an exhausting day consisting of numerous tourist adventures, but strangers’ kids have bombarded it, splashing and yelling aimlessly. At a vacation rental, these predicaments do not exist. By describing how guests can achieve tranquility, you make your vacation rental much more appealing. Paint this picture in the description to enable guests to envision themselves enjoying this luxury only your rental can provide.


Create Togetherness

Part of a vacation rental’s intrigue is it gives travelers the ability to congregate in the same space without feeling cramped. To guarantee they can do this comfortably, be strategic in getting the most out of your rental’s space. As this article alludes to, the designated chef does not want to feel excluded from the rest of the group in the next room over. Prevent this by furnishing and decorating the rental in a way that encourages inclusion.


Sleep Anywhere

A vacation rental does not have to adhere to what traditional floor plans call for. Use this to your advantage, and get creative when it comes to sleeping arrangements. As long as you think outside the box, you can optimize various spaces in your rental to accommodate more guests. For instance, dedicate a bedroom to bunk beds, or rearrange the living room so it can fit an extra bed. Even though maximum occupancies are currently lower due to COVID-19, it is important to your rental’s appeal that you find ways to house as many guests as possible. For inspiration, here are some ideas for how you can create makeshift bedrooms.


The Great Outdoors

We know not all rentals have an abundant amount of outdoor property to work with, but for those that do, do not let it go to waste! As activities outside rise in popularity, it is important to embrace the outdoors, which ultimately draws travelers to your property. Hotels may have spacious pools, openness to run around, and other amenities that enable their guests to spend time outside, but they can’t provide the private atmosphere rentals do. Supply your rental property with sporting equipment guests can use so they can make the most out of this perk.


Maximizing Space

As a host of a rental property, you hold many edges over the hotel industry, so take advantage of them! By creating sufficient space for gatherings and activities, you empower guests to realize why staying at your rental will make the most out of their vacation. Do not hold back in your descriptions or images either, as both should flaunt the benefits of the work you have put in towards maximizing space.