How Travel Has Changed This Holiday Season

How Travel Has Changed This Holiday Season

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the 2020 holiday season unlike any other year in recent history. With Christmas and New Year’s, among other holidays, on the horizon, the pandemic’s impact on traveling is currently one of the most talked about topics. This is because this time of year is when people visit their families and other loved ones they do not get to see frequently. To accommodate individuals who do not plan on letting the pandemic stop them from their normal traditions, it is important for hosts to know how travel has changed this holiday season. Luckily for them, Modern Innkeeper has provided a guide for hosts to keep them as safe as possible while still enjoying the holiday cheer.

Precautions For Travelers to Take

What is important to note is traveling increases the likelihood of contracting and spreading COVID-19. That is why it is essential hosts go above and beyond to ensure they are doing everything they can to combat the virus.

Where Gatherings Take Place

Holiday gatherings predominantly occur indoors because most environments are not suitable for family and friends to remain outdoors this time of year. Unfortunately, congregating inside during the pandemic is not an ideal situation. Certain states, like California and Oregon, have parts with weather permitting outdoor festivities year-round. Hosts with conditions like these are enabled to be flexible with gatherings, such as eating dinner around a campfire instead of next to one another at a dining table. Who knows, it may evolve into a new tradition! For hosts located in places with unbearable outdoor conditions, it is important to implement safeguards such as:

  • Setting up guests’ place settings far from one another.

  • Ventilating the room as much and often as possible.

  • Requiring attendees to be tested prior to traveling.

  • Limiting the amount of people allowed.

  • Wearing masks.

There is no shame in waiting until quarantine is over to resume hosting big, unrestricted get-togethers, but if the itch to host is too great, just be sure to employ the necessary safety measures!

Create a Contact-Free Experience

Hosts must do everything in their power to keep their distance for the safety of their guests and themselves this holiday season. No matter how guests reach their destinations, whether it is flying, driving, or some other mode of transportation, it is possible one or all of them contracted COVID-19, which is why it is vital for hosts to give them their space. Other ways to make rentals fit for guests during a pandemic can be found on The Art of Hosting’s How Hosts Can Help Guests Stay Healthy During the Holiday Travel Season. Guests with a host taking their health into consideration will be more comfortable during their stay and more inclined to leave a stellar review!

Stay Current and Transparent About Local Restrictions

The pandemic is ever changing, especially with a recent surge in cases. One day, a particular restaurant may be open only for it to close the next due to an employee contracting the virus. The point is, we just never know what is going to happen. This is why it is imperative for hosts to know the ongoing changes. Continuously updating their rentals’ descriptions so their guests are in tune with the restrictions in the communities they are planning to visit is crucial. Knowing the limitations of their surroundings influences if guests will keep their travel plans in tact or decide to cancel them. As hosts, going the extra step to keep your guests informed will be very much appreciated!

To complement these additional steps towards having a healthy and enjoyable holiday season, continue to social distance and practice other methods designed to defeat COVID-19. 

Safe travels to everyone taking trips this holiday season!