How to Write a Thank You Letter to Drive Guest Loyalty (Free Template)

How to Write a Thank You Letter to Drive Guest Loyalty (Free Template)

A Thank You Note from Host to Guest Can Enhance the Guest Experience

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if your vacation rental’s guest experience ended when guests left. Just because their stay is over doesn’t mean you can no longer interact with them. You can strengthen your relationship with guests and enhance the guest experience without them even being there— all by writing a thank you note.

A thank you note from host to guest can leave a long-lasting impression that can grow your vacation rental business by driving guest loyalty. Writing a thank you note is a gesture that can significantly impact your guests’ perception of you and their stay and separate you from other hosts.

For as simple as writing a thank you note can be, its impact is invaluable for the following reasons.

Proves You Care

Staying at your vacation rental can feel more personal than staying at more traditional lodging accommodations. Rather than dealing with a full-service staff, you’re who guests go to with their questions and requests.

What you provide them in their welcome letter, such as local insight and a list of amenities, can show your level of enthusiasm towards making their stay everything it can be. And a thank you note from host to guest can reinforce how much you prioritize their experience.

Can Make Guests Feel Valued

A thank you note should leave no doubt you are genuine in caring about your vacation rental’s guest experience. It can also make guests feel valuable towards your vacation rental business. In addition to thanking them for staying at your property, it’s beneficial to ask about their experience, such as:

●     “What was your favorite part of your stay?”

●     “What was your least favorite part of your stay?”

●     “Did you find (specific amenity) useful?”

●     “Was my vacation rental kid friendly?”

●     “Do the pictures of my vacation rental accurately represent my property?”

Asking for their feedback and taking it into consideration towards improving your vacation rental can lead to guests coming back for more!

Positive Vibes All Around

Think back to the last time you received a thank you note.

Remember how good it made you feel?

You can provide your guests with that good-vibe feeling, too, which can become an extension of your vacation rental’s guest experience.

And guests will only be able to feel that way again if they book another stay. Talk about securing guest loyalty!

A Template

Whether you use the template below as an inspiration for your thank you note or as is, the hope is it serves as a tool to help you drive guest loyalty:

Dear guest name(s),

Thank you for staying at my vacation rental. I hope your stay met your expectations and provided everything you wanted in a vacation rental and then some! Your experience is my number one priority, and I hope my recommendations and property’s amenities helped enhance it.

Knowing what you enjoyed most about your stay and what could be better will help me improve your future trips. Any feedback you have is welcomed and can be emailed to (your email address) or included in your review.

By providing your feedback, one night will be half off during your next stay.

Thank you again for allowing me to host you and your family. It was an honor I hope I’m fortunate enough to have again in the future!


“Your name”

You don’t have to cut your nightly rate in half for one night to drive guest loyalty, but it would sure help!


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