How To Serve Coffee And Tea

How To Serve Coffee And Tea

Caffeinate with Care

Imagine vacationing in a rental without a coffee maker or tea kettle. Oh, how treacherous those mornings would be. There is no question vacation rentals require their necessities, but the existing predicament is how to serve coffee and tea, as it is not a black and cream situation. To cater to both coffee and tea drinkers, Modern Innkeeper identified what satisfies the various types of connoisseurs vacationing at your rental.


Brew Master

Coffee drinkers have a plethora of preferences. Think about it, eavesdropping on people ordering their drinks at a coffee shop can sometimes be too much for the brain to handle. Luckily, that is for the barista to worry about, but then ask yourself: is my vacation rental prepared to host a coffee aficionado of this magnitude? On top of all the countless ways people drink their coffee, there are now numerous brewing methods. To ensure your rental property has the essentials, continue reading.


Designate Space

Before investing in a coffee maker, designate a space for it. An at-home coffee bar will add a cozy element to your vacation property guests will appreciate. Aside from its aesthetics, another benefit is it will consolidate all the necessities to one spot, relieving your guests of having to search the kitchen for them while they are half awake in the morning. To inspire the interior decorator in you, click here to get some ideas for your coffee bar.



You cannot go wrong by investing in a Keurig because it is user-friendly and dynamic. There is a wide variety of k-cups, the pods that insert into the machine, so if the group’s early bird prefers coffee extra strong and the it-is-nearly-noon riser favors a light breakfast blend, they can both have their way.



Nespresso separates itself from the pack because it produces an array of beverages including:

  • Espresso

  • Cappuccino

  • Lungo

  • Latte

If your guests spend most of their time exploring the area or engaging in physical activities, remember we found over 80 percent of travelers consider themselves active, they may not care to spend their mornings brewing fancy drinks. On the other hand, if your rental attracts travelers who prefer to enjoy the premises for the majority of their trip, it may be worth it. In short, know who is renting your property!


Standard Coffee Maker

Ah, old faithful. Sometimes simplicity is key, and when it comes to coffee for your guests, this may be the case. If you go this route, be sure to have:

  • Coffee filters

  • Coffee grounds

  • Easily accessible water

To liven it up, provide multiple brands and flavors of ground coffee for guests to choose from!


Cup of Tea

Contrary to the worldwide trend, the United States boasts more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers. If most of your guests are domestic travelers, odds are they prefer coffee over tea, but that does not make forgetting about the tea drinkers acceptable! Prepare your rental for the minority by supplying it with tea’s essentials.



If you do not know what a tea kettle is because you are a dedicated coffee drinker, it is the “thing that whistles on top of the stove”. Tea drinkers need it, so do not deprive them of this!



After the tea kettle whistles, the next step is steeping the tea, and doing this in a teapot is a popular method. Check out this wide selection to decide which is best for your rental. Tea pours out directly from the pot, so be sure it is visually appealing!



If you are familiar with tea, we apologize for pointing out the obvious, but if you are not, pay attention! With over 20,000 types of tea, focus on the six that matter, do not assume all tea drinkers are the same. Stock up on a variety to provide options.


Take Pride in Your Brew

Coffee and tea drinkers may have their differences, but they all have one thing in common: they take pride in their preferred beverage. Respect this and take the time to properly equip your rental property with all the requisites needed for your guests to satisfy their fix.