How To Make Sure Guests Barbecue Safely

How To Make Sure Guests Barbecue Safely

Keep Guests Safe Around the Backyard Barbecue

The backyard barbecue at your vacation rental makes your place even more desirable now that summer is in full swing. Unfortunately, it can also be a safety hazard.

Your guests most likely aren’t thinking about your barbecue being hazardous, and they shouldn’t be. They’re on vacation and should be enjoying themselves. It’s you, the host, who must make sure your guests stay safe using your vacation rental’s barbecue.

After all, guest safety is a top priority.

Modern Innkeeper picked out the most important safety precautions to take when it comes to guests barbecuing at your vacation rental.


Outdoor Use Only

This may be an obvious one, but you can never be too safe. Wherever you decide to set up the barbecue, make sure it’s in an open area outside. People have tried to push the limits and set up barbecues in enclosed spaces. As you can imagine, it didn't end well. Barbecues set up in any of the following places were responsible for 32 percent of grill fires from 2006 to 2008:

●      Courtyard

●      Patio

●      Terrace

●      Screened-in porch

Not even four percent of barbecue fires in this same timeframe started in open areas. You can save your guests and vacation rental from disaster by simply setting up your barbecue in an open outdoor space.


10-Foot Rule

Your barbecue needs to be at least 10 feet away from your vacation rental and any other structures like a pool house or shed. This way if anything with the barbecue goes wrong, the backyard barbecue being isolated will minimize the damage.


Survey the Surroundings

This sort of falls under the 10-foot rule but includes more than just built structures. Before you decide where you’re going to put the barbecue, here are some questions to ask yourself:

●      Would there be trees hanging over the barbecue?

●      Is it surrounded by plants?

●      Do I think guests might hang their towels near there?

To sum it up, just ask yourself this: is there anything flammable near the barbecue? If the answer is yes, it’s time to move some things around!


Regular Cleanings

You or a hired cleaning service need to clean the barbecue after guests leave because a dirty one can be dangerous.

Fat and grease buildup in your barbecue are two things that can lead to a fire, so when it’s time to clean, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty! Remove the cooking grates and clean any fat and grease you find.


Provide Proper Utensils

Guests who don’t have the proper utensils for the barbecue may end up using standard kitchen utensils.

This. Is. Not. Safe.

Barbecue utensils are purposely long so grillers can keep a safe distance between them and the barbecue. Being too close when a long flame shoots up can have an ugly ending.

Provide them with the right utensils so you don’t have to worry about your guests leaving with a burn they didn’t come with.


Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Always remember you can never be too careful. Keep a water spray bottle and fire extinguisher near the barbecue at all times, and mention where they are to guests in their welcome letter. This can help guests find them faster, and it’s a reminder their safety is one of your top priorities.

A vacation rental with a quality guest experience is one with a safe guest experience. Do everything you can to make sure the only thing that comes from your vacation rental’s barbecue is good food!